Julley Ladakh !...Trip by gang of 18 in late August/early September 2019


The turns and twists don't end here. It seemed all of a sudden 18 would become 16.
Bad omens...hmm? I was left wondering what more we had to endure before even starting the tour. Was Ladakh jinxed for me ?
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Can anyone help/suggest....some pics seem to get uploaded in wrong wrong orientation. How can they be rotated ?
It can be done with a Windows Software Editor only.

Paint can do it easily.
Paint is a basic software in all windows :

Home >> Rotate >> 90 degree (Left or Right acordingly)

Rotate 90 degree 1.jpg

Rotate 90 degree 2.jpg
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Another way and the easiest way to Rotate an Image / Photograph :

Go to the Folder where image is or many images are >>

Right Click >> Rotate Right or Left (Rotate Clockwise or Anticlockwise)

One or more images can be Rotated in one go easily.

Check :

Rotate image easily.jpg

Don't do this if image is not of heavy type.
Image resolution must be good one.
Otherwise it will deteriorate the image.
Image becomes useless if rotated this way, after tens of times.

Rotate all images in folder
•Published on Aug 31, 2017


Online With Sherkhan

How to quickly rotate multiple images in Windows. All Of Images in a Folder at the Same Time . This Batch rotation method. You won't need Photoshop ,Microsoft Picture Manager , Microsoft Word ,Picasa
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