Julley Ladakh !...Trip by gang of 18 in late August/early September 2019


Continuing where I left off...
NVVLN Murthy (aka NVVL) and Vijayalakshmi (aka VL). Nvvl was Jaya's boss at office and a father figure after office hours. A great couple...caring, adjustable and down to earth.

As I was fearing, another bad omen for our trip occurred (this, in fact happened before aunt fell down and got injured). About 18 days before the D day, on August 9th VL slipped and fell going to her garden from the portico of her house. Landed awkwardly on her left hand and injured her wrist. She had the presence of mind to immobilise the wrist and was rushed to hospital by Jaya and Nvvl.
Then we got a cyptic message from Nvvl in our WhatsApp group informing us they both were out from the trip as VL had fractured her wrist
(confirmed fracture in the x-rays). She was given pain killers and her wrist would be set after a cpl of days and a pop bandage put. Seeing this msg...all of us were really upset.

Our spirits sank...but there was a glimmer of hope yet.

We all knew VL was a fearless, gutsy lady with a "can do" spirit...but Ladakh with a fractured hand ?

If anyone can do it...we were certain it was VL.
Keeping fingers crossed, we (me, Jaya and Cmdr) messaged Nvvl that we can take a final call on their continuation in the tour after a review by the doctor one week later. We still had hopes!

In the review one week later, the first question VL asked the doc (after her wrist was set and immobilised) was whether she could go on the trip to Ladakh ! Hats off to ur spirit and "never say die" attitude ma'am !

To our surprise and great joy, the doc gave the all-clear. Hurray...we were relieved. Nvvl immediately messaged us ...they were IN again. Shanta, Jaya & LN assured all help to VL during the trip to see that she's comfortable.
Here's the gutsy lady VL...
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Phew...these intros are taking a lot of time and space !
Now here come the ever-young and energetic Murthy (ex-submariner in the Indian Navy), his wife Rajyalakshmi (aka RL) and their teenage son Abhiram.

I now see that our group is blessed by a lot of Lakshmi's...3 in fact :) LN, VL and RL.

That's Murthy and RL for you...joie de vivre personfied !
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Now come the outstation groupies...I mean not Vizag based.

Hema(my cousin and Nani's elder sis) and Ramana (my/Nani's bro-in-law)...based in Hyderabad. They are supposed to fly to Delhi from Hyd and join us at the airport there.
One thing to mention here...Ramana had a shoulder surgery for a torn ligament/tendon a few months back and is still in pain. Continuing with physiotherapy everyday... understand it is painful even now. Hats off to u baava garu for coming along on this journey !

Here they are...Hema & Ramana. Simple, down to earth, caring. Living life to the fullest.

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Last but certainly not the least...the member from Thiruvananthapuram (or Trivandrum). Sheela Rahulan aka SR.
Retd bank manager, poet and writer in Malayalam and mother of (Army) Major Kiran...and mother-in-law of Shilpa, the younger daughter of Cmdr and LN. She's travelling the world these days when she's not writing. Shortly after returning from Ladakh she's scheduled to fly to Scotland/Ireland.

She will fly from Trivandrum to Delhi and meet up with us at the airport.
Absolutely non-fussy. Great company !

Done with the intros...at last.
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