Julley Ladakh !...Trip by gang of 18 in late August/early September 2019


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Finally reached our hotel (Sunpark Resort, Naggar Road on left bank of River Beas, Manali) around 7.30 pm. The hotel is a cpl of Kms away from Mall road and just a short walk from the river. Crossed a small rickety wooden bridge in the dark, quite close to the hotel. Looked interesting...have to see more of it tomorrow morning.

An illuminated temple enroute our hotel...wonder what temple it is ?

First things first...checked into the hotel. After the long day of travel...had to get the grime and dust off our bodies. Had a quick shower (the room was quite big in size with a circular bed, which I found out later was not all that comfortable to sleep on).

There was an attached balcony too on the other side of the curtains in the pic below.



Called Punchok and talked to him about the next day's program and start time. Also spoke to him about the AC problem in Jaya's vehicle and asked him to change the car from the next day. He too told that henceforth AC in vehicles will not be required. But asked him to change the car all the same...I thought it's better to have a vehicle equipped with a functional AC rather than not have it. One never knows if it will be needed sometime in the days to come. I and Cmdr... both of us had a word with the transport coordinator too, who agreed to change the vehicle the next day. Punchok informed that from tomorrow onwards our vehicles will be equipped with oxygen cylinders for the remaining duration of our trip.

The parking area in front of the hotel was being done up with new tiles/flooring. Hence our cars dropped us about 50 mtrs away from the hotel entrance. Thankfully the hotel boys came out and helped us shift the luggage to the lobby and later to the rooms.

With the next night halt being Jispa after crossing Rohtang pass, tomorrow will be a relaxed day compared to the long drives these two days. Decided to start at 9.30 am after talking to Punchok & OmParkash.

It was quite dark already... no point in having a walk outside. Had an early dinner and called it a day. Decided to go for an early morning walk the next day, as is usual for myself and GS. When visiting places, we love to go on these morning walks when the streets are not crowded, the sun is just rising and as a bonus...sometimes you get great views to put your camera to good use :)

Starting our morning walk as decided:

Wow...Nani beat us to it. He already completed his walk and was back.See the new flooring tiles being laid out in the parking area.


Pics from our morning walk...


A small apple orchard beyond the barbed wire fence. I cautioned her not to trespass...she gets carried away when she sees plants and flowers :)

Red apples...

And green apples...tempted to eat a cpl of apples
right off the trees. Unfortunately no one was there
to sell...and I didn't want to steal.

This walkway along the river Beas is good...


The little fellow was shy...his dad answered for him a few questions we asked.

This was the rickety wooden bridge we drove upon yesterday. Looks like GS not only plucked the white flower but was carrying it too...told ya, she can't control herself seeing flowers and plants.


Relaxing after breakfast in the lobby... didn't notice the headless ghost sitting next to me ! Creepy !!! Is this place haunted ? Dean, Sam...where are u guys ? Bring out your arsenal of salt, holy water and maybe even the colt. (Am a huge fan of "Supernatural")
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Be a Good person but Don't try to Prove.
Good Going. Enjoying every bit of it.

Regarding AC, I remember that no hotel in which we stayed had AC or fan during our Spiti Trip (Link Below). Temperature seldom goes uncomfortable.


Good Going. Enjoying every bit of it.

Regarding AC, I remember that no hotel in which we stayed had AC or fan during our Spiti Trip (Link Below). Temperature seldom goes uncomfortable.
True Shekhar...no AC in any hotel. And the temps were comfortable during nights, even cold at a few places.

But the day temps when we were travelling, on a few days, were high enough for us to feel a bit uncomfortable.
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