K2K Solo: 9000Km on a motorbike


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Aurangabad to Solapur
Oct 19th 2021
Day 18: 337Km

First stop of the day was at Bibi Ka Maqbara. Asked at the hotel and they told me it opens at 0800.

Left the hotel at 0730. Aurangabad calls itself a city of gates, which is quite true. In my short ride from the hotel to the Maqbara, I saw many of these old gates. Good things is that they are quite well maintained.

The Maqbara was just opening and I was one of the few visitors. The place is nice and worth visiting.

Walked around, taking pictures and in general enjoying the solitude.

Talked to a guard for a while and he happily took some pictures for me.

Then roamed the gardens which were not so well maintained.

Stepping out one of the small shops was just opening. Asked him to make some breakfast and tea. While breakfast was being made, walked over to where a few college students were painting/drawing the Maqbara. Some of them were really good.

Had breakfast of tea, samosa and mixture which was surprisingly nice. Then returned to the hotel.

Leaving Aurangabad, the roads were nice and route was good too. Decided to stay overnight at Solapur.
In hindsight, I should have ridden till Vijayapura which used to be called Bijapur. If I had know that, I would surely have proceeded and seen the Gol Gumbaz. The name Vijaypura threw me off and I thought it was some inconsequential city.

At Solapur, took a hotel near Bhuikot fort. After checkin, had lunch at the hotel and then rested a while.

In the evening, walked over to the Bhuikot fort. Unfortunately it was closed due to Covid. There was a park with stall nearby. Walked around and then returned to the hotel.

At night looked up google for food recommendation and ended up at a place recommended for veg thali. The place was surprisingly crowded and food was good.


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Solapur to Davangere
Oct 20th 2021
Day 19: 505Km

As I started off in the morning, Bangalore was 600 odd Km away. Definitely doable in a day. However having ridden 8000+Km over last 20 days, I wasn’t sure I wanted to stretch or take it easy and stop midway.

The sunrise over Bheema river was nice. The river is also the border of Karnataka and Maharashtra. I had read that there was Covid checking going on at the border for those entering Karnataka. At the check post, only four wheeler were getting stopped. So no one bothered me.

The board for Bangalore looked inviting to attempt the last few Km in one stretch.

The roads in Karnataka were excellent. Someone had the foresight to plant flowering shrubs on the divider. That is a brilliant idea.

Found a young girl selling guava at a crossing. Brought a few. Ate those throughout the day whenever I felt hungry.

Windmills started showing up as I got closer to Hospete. Took a break and rested on a grassy patch on the road side.
Sitting there I decided to take a break in between – extend the trip by one more day. Not realizing that its not on the straight route, I got Davangere in my mind.
By the time I realized that, my mind was fixated on Davangere.

So I ended the day at Davangere, some 50Km off the route to Bangalore. At the hotel had an afternoon celebratory drink and took a nap.

In the evening stepped out to eat the famous mirchi mandakki of Davangere. While the famous Subbanna Mirchi Masala was a little further form my hotel, I decided to take a walk to it.

For dinner, went to Bharani which was nearby. Good food to end the last full day of the ride.


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Davangere to Bangalore
Oct 21st 2021
Day 20: 316Km

Wanting to reach home before lunch, I headed out early.

Davangere was just stirring up from sleep.

Sun was just rising over the windmills of Chitradurga. It came to my mind that I started and ended my trip with windmills – Kanyakumari and Chitradurga.

From there it was a non-stop ride till Doddaballapura. Prior to that, I decided to take a route skirting on the outskirts of Bangalore rather than to cross through the heavy traffic.
At Doddaballapura, stopped for breakfast. I was really hungry after riding four hours non-stop. Over the hot piping dosa, I really how much I missed the crisp dosa and filter coffee of down south.

Around 1130, 21 days after starting and almost 9000Km later I was home.

A trip well worth it.

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Amazing travelogue... My Monday blues are gone after reading it... Craving for my bike rides again...thank you for sharing your lovely experience.

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