Kaanji Paani


Another bliss in the winters is this Kaali Gazar [Black Carrot]. Now this is black or deep purple is debatable.
Carrots come in very many shapes and colors including orange, yellow, red, purple etc.

this is 1 Kg of black gaazar [ Black Carrot ]


We are carrot lovers. This 5 Kg of normal Carrot would be consumed in a day or so in salads and juice.


So peel the carrot.


Wash it and cut it into small pieces and put it into a glass container



Now take 2 teaspoon fulls of mustard seeds and crush them in your blender


and put it into the glasss container


Take a heaped teaspoon full of black salt and put it into the glass container



Fill the glass container with water



close the lid and keep the glass container in the sun for a couple of days

When the carrot starts to float on the surface, it indicates that your Kaanji Paani is made. For those who have not yet tasted it, just go ahead. You won't regret. The fermented carrot bleeds into the water making it a blissfull deep purple drink.

Would post the pictures when made in about 2-3 days.

So cheers for this centurion post , yogesh, you listening ?

You can remove kaanji from the glass container and add more water and some salt but only twice or thrice at the most.
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I hate the flavour of Kanji Water...tried it 2-3 trimes but never developed the taste for it...

Its the favourite of my parents too and is made every year at home...

Thanks Gulloo Sir for sharing this...puraani yaadein taazaa ho gayin !!!



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I remember an incident, where a friend of mine happen to intake 2-3 glasses of kanji and rest of the time he was at kings palace sitting on prestigious golden chair :p


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Gulloo sir, we make it the same way but with mainly white salt and a wee bit of the black.
Correctly matured, it tastes divine!
We'll be making a batch maybe next month; near Holi time.
Also kanji ke badae. :)


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I have to dilute it a bit before i can drink it. but love it, 2 glasses, makes the digestion good.


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I love this drink, its really nice in the afternoons.

We also add "chukandar" to it to give it colour!!

Thanks and regards


So the Kaanji Paani was enjoyed and here is what we do to the left over carrots in the Jar.

We use them in Salad !!!!



Amla is another fruit available in plenty in these months. Since I am out of Dehradun tomorrow, so made preparations for some Amla Candy posted in another thread. Would continue after three days. When I come back, may be we can make some Amla Morrabba too.


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ditto the preparation method, but only difference, we use ceramic wala barni..
my daadi used to say that this kaanji purifies blood and has other medicinal values too.


ditto the preparation method, but only difference, we use ceramic wala barni..
my daadi used to say that this kaanji purifies blood and has other medicinal values too.
Yes, Kaanji Paani is only made in glass or ceramic jars. The old ceramic barni that you are referring to, was the favorite of my grannies too. The Achars, Kaanji Paani etc were all made in them.


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I love Kaanji Paani... Kaanji-Vade.... Gaajar-wali-Kaanji!!!
Thanks Gullo Sir, for putting it up with pics and great narration.

Holi festivity is almost here, and we'll soon have it in our home... made by my mom. :)