Kaas and Konkan - 2000km of rainy odyssey


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Utilized the independence day long weekend to ride to Kaas Plateau and Konkan Coast. Some intro pictures. Detailed log to follow.









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Utilized the independence day long weekend to ride to Kaas Plateau and Konkan Coast. Some intro pictures. Detailed log to follow.
Superb teaser shots bro, looking forward to detailed travelogue.

BTW, surprised to see a monastery in that circuit.


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Day 1: Aug 12th 2023, Bangalore to Kolhapur

Kaas Plateau has been long on my list of places to ride too. Every time I start planning its the wrong time for the year for the flowers. Another long weekend was coming and I was in two minds. It was too early for flowers in Kaas and weather gods were not accommodating.

I still wanted to ride – anywhere, somewhere.

After pondering over weather maps for days, decided to just go ahead to Kaas and explore the Sahaydri – time permitting.

So early in the morning on a long weekend Saturday, I joined hundreds of vehicles leaving Bangalore for a break. Tumkur highway is the road to get to Goa, beaches of North Karnataka, Jog, Sakleshpur and so many other tourist jaunts.

I was surprised at the numbers of bikers on the highway. Most of them heading to Goa. The other highways out of Bangalore – Kolar, Hosur or even Hyderabad do not get such love.

First break to stretch my legs and clean up the helmet visor which was splattered with bugs.

After almost 3hrs of riding, was hunger pangs came over. Stopped for double cup of tea and some snacks. This was a small tea shop, too ordinary for crowds to stop. So I had the place to myself and as a result fresh tea was made for me. Ordered two in gratitude. Then stretched on the stone bench for a quick shuteye.

Next stop just before Chitradurga for a view of the windmills. Got off the highway, and found a small patch of grass. Rested a little and took some pictures. The old Viaterra Claw I was using was tilting to the left. Retied the bag for better fit. The windmills are always fascinating from far. Couple of times I have ridden closer but from close they are not so enchanting other than being a marvel of engineering.

By the time I reached Davangere, I was very hungry. Looked for a Benne Masala Dosa place on the highway, but did not find one. I wasn’t too eager to riding inside the town. A little after crossing Davangere, I found this small dhaba called New Indian Kolhapuri dhaba. Had a good meal of Khameeri roti, chana masala and curd.

Talked for a little while to the owner, asking him if he was from Kolhapur. He replied in negative. Its just a name he said. He was from a village nearby. He was thankful that I stopped there and lamented that the dhabas are not that attractive to young crowds. They look for A/C places even though dhabas server fresher food. I couldn’t but nod in agreement.

After brunch, rode for almost 4hrs with a single break for fuel. I was looking for a place to stop when I saw this lovely black tar flanked by green rolling grassland. Stopped and turned on that road. The grass was unusually bright green. If it had been a lawn, I would have assumed that the grass is painted. Monsoons had made the landscape lush green. Rode at a slow pace, enjoying the beauty around me.

Stopped a few times to take pictures and then headed back to the highway. The Goa traffic had turned by this time and the traffic was more sane.

It was almost 1600 by the time I reached Kolhapur. Decided to not go till Satara. This was a wise decision, as I would realize the next day that numerous road constructions diversions were there between Kolhapur and Satara. Booked a hotel on MMT and by 1700, I was well settled in my room.

Happily gobbled down a plate of local specialty – Misal Pav with a cup of tea.

It was then I realized that I have brought two old non-functional spare battery for the camera. So had to be extra careful with the single battery I had.

For dinner, the hotel boy suggested Hotel Parakh for special mutton thali. I had heard great things of mutton at Kolhapur and off I was. The thali was simple with excellent taste. Awesome way to end a long day.

Distance : ~650Km