Kanha National Park - The Baghira log hut Experience

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Heard a lot about the beauty of Kanha National Park in the past from many who have visited there. Thought I would give it a try and spoke to a cousin who has been there 7/8 years back. The first thing he said was –“if you want to experience Kanha , do stay in Baghira log Huts by the MPTDC”. I always preferred staying in accommodations which are inside the forest because they give me a chance to feel the forest beyond the limited hours and restricted routed safari rides. In this quest I have stayed in Mathanguri in Manas and Hollong in Jaldapara. So now it was Baghira’s turn. Started my research on Baghira and I was surprised to find from many reviews that the lodge may close down any day as there is a strong appeal from the FD to shift it out of the core area(initiated after the 2012 verdicts by the Honorable SC on wildlife tourism policies). So a stay here had become more important than anything else. Though no MPT official could give me any clear news but reviewers in different forums kept on giving news on the near future close down. At last I had done the resort bookings through the MPT Kolkata office and the safari permits were booked online. Stayed here for three days 13th to 16th March 2016 and the observations are as below.

I will start with the negative first as the way my experience has began.They messed my arrival pick up from Bilaspur by arranging a car with a punctured back up tyre. Unfortunately we got a puncture in the highway and lost about 2 hrs as the backup tyre was also punctured(the driver said he was unaware of that).

This place has all the characteristics that a resort in the core area may have.24 hrs surrounded by Spotted deer, Sambars and Langurs. Evening visits by Gaurs are also 90% guaranteed.Animals are generally found around the kitchen area in search of leftovers.The meadow in front of our deluxe room was full of activities throughout the day with occasional alarm calls indicating presence of big cats.We witnessed a Barasinga deer being chased and killed by a Tiger about 40 yards away from our room. Also could hear a wild boar being killed by a leopard.

Now about the facility- its really sad to hear that the resort is going to be closed after 1st June this year(source-resort staff).Though this rumor is going around for last three years now and I thought it was a marketing strategy as many people I know have gone there to experience it for the last time before it closes down(paying a premium rate whereas good resorts are available outside with much lesser rates)...but this time the hotel staff looked quite sure of the fact that its closing down in June. It also seemed much likely as there were no senior staff in the resort, staff are being trained in the new hotel (MPTDC) which has come up outside, the fixtures and other accessories (like wall paintings etc.) are gradually being removed. Nevertheless it was a great stay in a great resort.

Now to share some photos of the resort and the place around.

The entrance

Our Room

View from the open air lounge area in front of the room

The restaurant

Statutory warnings

To be continued.....
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The USP of the Baghira log Huts is it's being in the core area of the Kisli zone.For this reason it is always abandoned with wildlife activities all around the rooms and specially the restaurant area. We were staying in room no, 1 which is a deluxe ac room and facing the famous meadows of Kanha. I will give some examples of the life around our room through some photos








To be continued.....