Kanpur to Datia to Orchha to Maihar

So we are back from a short (not so short) trip of 3 days and back. Initially we planned Datia and Orchha only but on the way new places got included, when we reached Orchha plan to go to Maihar came into existence and when we looked at the root map saw Khajuraho is on the way so it became a few hour stoppage. Then on our way back to home Kanpur from Maihar Chitrakoot was on the way so we visited couple of temples there also.
This entire journey was off 1011 KM in 3 days. will post more details and pics, and i will try to complete the post as soon as possible.
why my vertical pics becoming horizontal can some one help, also will add the trip detail bit by bit as i am bit slow at posting information :)
if you use mobile browser, it is like this only.

On PC / Laptop it may be ok.
Mobile Pics rotate automatically in compressing process.
Bcmt needs particular resolution of images, forum software is not able understand it.
I will ask admin / mods to check the issue.


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Moving the thread to Travelogues since this is from Central India, and we do not have a dedicated section for logs from this region.
Please do keep posting your photos and experiences.