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Re: Map: Nubra Valley + Changthang (Ladakh)

Dear Harsh and Fellow BCMTians,

Thanx for the wonderful effort made for mapping. Kudos to u, since u made it possible for all of us to plan this trip and not missing anything worth visiting. :prayer::prayer:

While planning my maiden trip to Himalayas, It occurred to me to make a consolidated map for all needs for visiting Northen Himalaya Region, which includes entire J&K state & Himachal Pradesh. It is planned to equip the map so as to meet the needs of Drivers and Trekkers Alike. In addition, intention is one stop Solution, instead of browsing everywhere and collecting information in bits and pieces.

To start with I took the map given by u and added / edited few details. The making has just started. Attaching the editing work of 5 hours and releasing as version 1.0. Target is to complete the map by the end of next month.

To view the map in high resolution, click the image below.


It is my request for every body, to please comment on the correctness / adequacy of information conveyed by the map in the draft version 1.0. In addition, Please indicate the availability of Petrol Pump at indicated places;will update the draft for and keep releasing newer versions as and when required.

Also give new ideas for additional representations, if any.

With regards

Virendra Singh Choudhary
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Virendra Singh Choudhary

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