Kashmir, Ladakh and Himachal Map

Dear Harsh,


These observations will be addressed in v1.3, which will be a major upgrade.

In the mean time, keep pouring in with inputs. :)

I was wondering whether, ukdungle track (near hanle) shud be made green in color???
Will keep providing inputs.
I agree with you the Ukdungle track should be marked in green, it is quite off the limits for civilians.

And I think the Tangtse - Erath - Chushul route should also be marked as green. It is almost impossible to get permits for that route.

Virendra Singh Choudhary

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Absolutely :).
Dear Yogesh,

I have sent the updated map to ur mail id. Just see if u can upload to this thread...
Have been lazy, since there is absolutely no feedback for upgrading the maps. Seems like all the veterans are on driving spree... :)
any how, will continue to update the map.


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Absolutely :).
Map Not Attached so Far.........???????????