Kashmir Road trip with a baby!


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Our ride was TUV300, more than sufficient for 4 people, luggage plus “extra luggage”.

Next day we were leaving for Srinagar, it wasn't my first visit but still i was excited, happy like I was going to someplace new \\:D/ but again when does it go as planned!
Yeah, we plan for something else and we are greeted with something else. Happens often.

Kiddo seems to be surprised as well :)


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Hi All,

I have been a member of BCMTouring for a long time now and this forum has helped me in picking out best locations always. All the tips, guidance that comes along is extremely helpful as well. I have taken numerous trips with friends and family in past few years however never really got time to put the experience in words/blog/vlog until the great lock-down hit me like a wreaking ball. I am working mother. WFH is a new experience but I realized WFH leaves me with some “Me” time which I really want to use wisely…so here I am writing my first ever blog about a fantastic road trip that I went on with my family last year (Husband, Brother in law and daughter, who was just a cute little months old at the time of travel, well she’s still cute ).
So, the situation is such that travel is not happening, usually we head out every 3 months to places nearby for a gateway that really helps us in relaxing, rejuvenating and connecting with nature. Now a days, I just try and manage that by looking at some great clicks on Instagram, Facebook and videos by travel enthusiasts. I wish everything goes back to normal, minus the part where people acted as irresponsible towards nature.

Last year, we were thinking of traveling somewhere but did not wanted to go to a regular “touristic” destination; for sure we knew we were going but did not knew the destination. After reading lot of blogs and articles and getting some much-needed advice, we zeroed on Kashmir. I personally had lot of apprehensions about road trip to Kashmir as we were taking our daughter along. I shared my thoughts with husband and, he just said “we will manage”. And with that, we started planning, we had about a month in hand to plan all the things. Three of us had pre-approved leaves of about 8 days so we were relaxed from work perspective. We decided on July 20th as Departure Date.

I love taking road trips in Monsoon season, there is something extremely calming about dark clouds, clean highways, rhythm of rain falling and of course roadside chai. I do not drive; all I do is sit, look outside and feel thankful for everything.

Talking about our choice of destination, this was going to be our (Husband and myself) third trip to Kashmir so weren’t really looking forward to spend too much time in Srinagar and other tourist destination so we decided on Gurez, which is in Bandipora district of J&K.
Travel every 3 months ... thanks for giving this suggestion/idea :-D:)

waiting for next updates ..... thumbnails don't do justice to the pictures ... please post full-size