Kashmir Snow Drive Jan 2024


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Though I have been to Kashmir is all months of the year,
but as I am turning 70,
though of doing this with Kiki Mathawan of The Himalayan Travel Group and Adhiraaj Singh of Blacktop and Beyond
I have done many trips with them in the past.

So the time has come to head to Kashmir from Pune.

KASHMIR WINTER SNOW DRIVE with Kiki Mathawan and Adhiraaj Singh - once again we shall meet. Thanks a ton for planning this trip, going to be an amazing experience.

So obviously has to done in a 4x4.
What better than driving in a Fortuner from Pune in a 4x4

Planning for a 4 day drive, and since it is a 4 day drive, better keep an extra day in hand, and if we make it in 4 days, then 1 days rest would be perfect before starting the week long snow drive in Kashmir.

22 Jan 2023 - Dep Pune
25 Jan - Arri Srinagar.
26 Jan - Rest
27 Jan - Yousmarg
28 Jan - Sonamarg
29 Jan - Gulmarg.
30 Jan - Kokernag via Daksum
31 Jan - Margan Pass
01 Feb - Sinthan Pass.
02 Feb - Dep for Pune.
Feb - Arrival Pune when ever we want.
Maybe we will divert to spend some days with an amazing friend.

Some images from my past travels to Kashmir, which we will head to.
And on one occasion did a 30 day road trip to Kashmir.

We would be staying here at least 4 times on this trip.

1 Srinagar HomeStay.png

1 Kashmir highway.jpg

2 Srinagar.jpg

3 Gulmarg.jpg

4 Yousmarg.jpg

5 Sinthan Pass.jpg

6 Kokernag.jpg



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Been check the route map to figure out night halts and make it in 4 days.
Since we are total 4, if two drop out for any reason,
I will fly to Srinagar and join the Snow Drive.

going by air in thick of winters is always a over wt issue with airlines,
in own car I can all the equipment I want.

2 Kharadi to Indore.png

3 Indore to Ajmer.png

4 Ajmer to Patiala.png

5 Patiala to Srinagar.png

1 Kharadi to Srinagar.png