Kerala in last week of December, urgent help needed.


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Hi Friends,

Me and my family have been planning a trip to Kerala in last week of december. I am trying to book resorts and flight tickets over this weekend as everything seems to be filling fast. Here is the itinerary I have chalked out :

25th December : Fly to Trivendrum from Delhi (reaching around 10 am)

See Kovalam beach and few other things (I am not sure how it would be on 25th though, does anyone has an idea? Would it be too crowded)

26th December : See around a bit more and leave for Alleppey by road. Planning to reach alleppey by evening.

27th December : Take a back water tour and see around.

28th December : Leave for Munnar after breakfast. I am assuming we'd reach Munnar by 3 pm if we leave by 9am.

29th December : See Munnar.

30th December : Leave for wayanad after breakfast. Reach wayanad by evening.

31st December : See wayanad.

1st Jan : See wayanad

2nd Jan : Leave for Bangalore by road after breakfast. reach bangalore by eve. Take 9 pm flight from Bangalore to Delhi. If we felt one day is enough at Wayanad, we'd follow the 2nd Jan plan on 1st.

Is this itinerary fine or is it too ambitious? My mother (fit but 60) and sister's family would be joining us for the trip. She has a one year old baby and mine is 9. Would it be too hectic considering we have kids? I am more concerned about the baby. Mine is used to lot of road trips. My sister would leave for mumbai from Munnar. So it'd just be us and my mother for wayanad part. I am not aware of roads there. 300 Km could be torturous if the road conditions from Munnar to Wayanad and Wayanad to Bangalore are not good. Please guide me. I thought about taking a flight from Calicut but there is no direct flight to Delhi from there and the flights are expensive too. Bangalore seemed like a good option if roads are good.

Thanks in advance,


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With a senior citizen and a baby, IMHO, you are making it too hectic. Of the 9 days, you are on the road for 4+days.
My suggestion would be to skip Wayanad and spend more time in Munnar or go to Kotagiri/Ooty and then fly out of Coimbatore.


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Well, I have a plan too for Kerala and that too on the same time, but I kept it along the sea sore. for me its coastal line of Kerala, from Kovalam to Kannur! It depends from which part of Kerala, you are trying to return to Bangalore. If you return fron Kovalam to Bangalore, its excellent road, but if you trying to return from Munnar or Wayanad, then you need to travel some part of the journey through Ghat road, which is also not bad , but ofcourse it will not be as easy as highway in plane land. Happy journey

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Well you can go other way around as land in Kochi and roam around there. Maribe drive, Cheri beach fort Kochi, Jew street are some places to see. Alley is nearly so it will take around 2 hours for you to reach and mostly houseboat will board you around 11:00 Am and drop you next day by 10:00. Instead of retiring back to Alley you can drop down at Kumarakom. FROM THERE YOU CAN FIRST GO TO THEKKADY and stay there there is Periyar National park so you enjoy boat ride while seeing some animals and lucky then even a tiger. You can visit spice garden here and buy some fresh spices. It's 4-5 hours from Kumarakom. You can stay here a day or 2 and head for Munnar which is around 4 hours and you can have many option like FLOWER garden,. Echo point. DAM VISIT ETC. If you have some more time go to ooty which is around 7-8 hours and from there go to Coimbatore which is 4 hours away and take return flight from there.