Kicking off with cycling


Come as you are!
Morning Gents!

I have been looking over the internet for bicycles in the past few days. I am unfit, and thus, I want to bring back a certain level of fitness by starting bicycling and alongside, satiate my hunger for travel (I no longer. own a motorcyle) Hence, I am looking for a bicycle that I can ride on pavements, roads, long distance (eventually), and one that can handle a bit of rough tracks. I know bicycles are not the typical "one-size fits all", but I am a complete newbie to the cycling world and thus, I need your advice in helping me select a bike that can fulfill some, if not all of my needs.

I am around 190cms. For a good bike, I am willing to spend, including accessories, around $1k. Suggestions would be welcome.



Mediocre me
Vaibhav bhai. U in Singapore or India?

Sorry, I cannt suggest a cycle. But Quite interesting to see you in same boat as me (Should I say my boat?).

Recently I sold my pulsar. Kept looking for cycle.

And on friday, I bought a preowned Btwin rockrider.

Started cycling today. I will keep it for 6 month and sell again. By then I will know what bike will suit me.

Problem with expensive cycles is that if you dont become regular, you bear a lot of loss. I want to be regular first and then buy a cycle. You may rent first and try.

Here in Noida, Decathelon offers a lot of options.


Come as you are!
Thank you sir.. I am in Singapore. I purchased a Giant Escape 1. Basic components, carbon fork hybrid bike. The issue with me was the size. I needed an XL and not many are available in that size here :) Rockrider is a good bike nonetheless.


Mediocre me
Congrats Vaibhav. That is a heck of a bike. Enjoy.

We did Gurgaon-Faridabad road 40km ride on Saturday in large group. I am still a beginner though.
It was lot of fun.

Strange. Drove 80 km with bike in trunk to venue, just to do a 40 km cycle ride :) Funny.