Kinnaur, Spiti, Lahaul trip with Chandra Taal to Suraj Taal trek.


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Thanks all.

I've decided to only post pictures here instead of full travelogue. The full text is on my website, if anybody wants to read that.

These are from Day 1 and Day 2 in which I covered Sarahan and Chitkul. Former was OK, latter was very good.

I took the overnight Himachal Tourism’s Delhi-Shimla Volvo bus and reached Shimla early morning. My driver VK with his Toyota Innova met me at around 8 am and we managed to get out of the city just before the morning rush started. Few km after Theog, we stopped in a small roadside dhaba for a breakfast of aaloo paranthas and chai. This was my first time on this route but I kept dozing off for 5-10 minutes every now and then due to lack of sleep in the bus. The views were pretty nice, specially after the heat, humidity and dust of Delhi but I was somewhat impatient for the higher altitudes.

Bhimakali Temple

Carvings on temple doors

Evening view from the hotel

On the road again.

Somewhere between Rakcham and Chitkul

One of many such Pikas I saw in Chitkul

A majestic jungle crow

Perhaps these are used for storage in Chitkul

A beautiful mountain
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These pictures are for day 3 , starting from Chitkul till Kalpa.
We intended to leave by 6:30 am, but started the drive only by 7 am. This path was a bit more “adventurous” and had quite a few interesting sights. We saw very few other vehicles on the road. We made a rest stop at Reckong Peo for lunch. It had a great view of Panch Kailash parvats. Apart from that, there is nothing special about it. It is just a typical crowded mountain town with crazy traffic. We had lunch there in some small dhaba and drove off. There was a Tibetan monastery which the driver said that I should see. But it was damaged in a landslide and was closed for visitors.
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Sunrise in Chitkul

View of Kalpa village

The “Suicide Point” between Kalpa and Rodhi

A local in Kalpa.

A temple in Kalpa village

Close look at the carving

Last rays of the day on a nearby mountain peak
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