Kinnaur & Spiti Roadtrip with a 2 year old baby


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Day 4: We left pretty early from Nako, even though our destination for the day was Tabo making it only an hour and a half of drive for the day. So why leave so early? To visit Gue on the way and explore Tabo in leisure. I visited Spiti in 2010 and there was a notorious Malling nalah right after Nako that everyone as afraid to cross. However, in 2019, I was glad to see that the nalah was now covered and you won't even notice when you drive past it. So this makes a very smooth drive from Nako to Samdo which is a checkpoint upon entry to Spiti Valley. After stopping for a while at Sumdo, we decided to take a detour to Gue which is some 13 km away from the main road. The road is not tarred but also it is not too much trouble as it is leveled with loose gravel. Gue is very close to the Indo-Tibetan border and is famous for its unique mummy lama temple.


Mummy lama temple, Gue


Mummy lama temple, Gue

We reached Tabo around lunchtime and checked into the Maitreya guest house which is supposed to be one of the best (but not too expensive) stays in Tabo. After checking in, we had our lunch in the guest house itself and set out to explore the town on foot.


Tabo monastery


Tabo monastery

After spending some peaceful time at the monastery, we decided to explore Tabo caves which are on the other side of the highway on a hill facing Tabo town. It was a serene place with no tourists apart from us. Mostly because it required a small trek of half a kilometer or so.


Tabo caves - entry


Inside Tabo caves

We spotted some beautiful chortens from the caves which were further ahead and you could reach it only after a hike of some 2-3 kms. But the effort was worth the rewards as it offered a panoramic view of Tabo town from above.


Tabo chortens


Tabo town from Tabo chortens

Watch this space for more....
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What a beautiful trip. Did you make this in the summers of 2019? We went in End October 2016 and been wanting to go back. I am sure you daughter had a lot of fun...