Kinnaur - valley of apples, gods & beauty !!


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Well friends we planned a Kannaur Trip in 1982... and very soon after 34 years we executed it and visited this wonderful land.

Details and photos coming soon.. meanwhile enjoy the trailer :
=> Sunrise @ Kalpa


=> bhimakali temple @ Sarahan


=>Sadhupul near Chail

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=> On way to Kinnaur

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=> Entering Kinnaur

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=> Iconic gate of Kinnaur

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=> Good morning at Chhitkul, the last village of India

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=> Near Sangla valley

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=> Shivalingam @ Kinner Kailash

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=> Hatu Temple @ Hatu peak

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Nice start. waiting for more.
34 years is indeed a loooooongggg wait
but good to see you did not give up till 33 years and completed your dream on 34th year
and BIG Congratulation
I am sure many of us here will undoubtedly relate to it...

By the way, wonderful teasers. Bring it on...
Beautiful, Sirjee!
It's never too late when it comes to exploring a dreamland like Kinnaur.
Awesome start. Teaser pics are telling that we are up for some beautiful photographs.

Thanks friends for encouraging words.... story coming soon..


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तो भईया कहानी यूं शुरू हुई...

In 1982 I saw some photos of Kinnaur in a magazine and immediately planned a visit to Kinnaur. I started journey with my friend Laxman... took a bus from ISBT to Chandigarh, then a bus to Shimla and finally a bus to Narkanda... where we stayed in a dormitory for Rs. 10 pp. :) We enquired about Kinnaur and were told that even Indians need a permit to visit Kinnaur. The permit can be had from Shimla the same day or from RampurBushahar in 2 days. We had no photos no ID... so we returned home with broken heart... then in 1987 or 1989 permit for Indians was withdrawn... we went again upto Rampur but were told that the only bridge connecting Kinnaur has been washed away and it may take a week or to repair... we came back again.

Then I got selected in the foreign service and started my globe trotting... the tiny flame to visit Kinnaur kept burning inside.... I came to India for short spells but never thought of visiting Kinnaur.... Thanks to BCM, I read many stories of Kinnaur ( like of Sandeep Kaul, Tanveer and many other friends)...the final decision was taken to visit in June, but cancelled.. then in July and I was down with viral.... then in Aug and Laxman was down with chikengunia....but बेशर्म like us can not be stopped and finally we started our journey on 12th Sept, 2016... 34 years after the initial planning :)

My mini-monster (TUV300 T8 Autoshift) was fed well and was saddled on the nite of 11th Sept... and at 0400 hours we started from Dilli. This is how we travelled

12-9-16 - Delhi to Narkanda (night stay)
13-9-16 Narkanda to Chhitkul (night stay)
14-9-16 Chhitkul to Kalpa (night Stay)
15-9-16 Kalpa to Sarahan (night stay)
16-9-16 Sarahan to Kasauli (night stay)
17-9-16 Kasauli to Dilli

Journey upto Parvanoo was great as roads were empty... after Parvanoo, we got a huge traffic of trucks and the speed was reduced to 10 Km... till Solan journey was horrible.

I also wanted to avoid going via Shimla due to obvious reasons... Shimla has been reduced to a concrete jungle, and it gives me pains to see destruction of a beautiful hill station..


So from Kanda ghat we turned towards Chail and passed Sadhu pul... this little place has been turned into a beautiful picnic spot and people enjoy eating, while sitting in water or by spending nights in the tents by the rivulet..

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TIFF Image (2586)-1.jpg

TIFF Image (863)-1.jpg

Finally we reached Narkanda by 2-30 and took room @ hotel Hatu... kept the baggage, refreshed and started to Hatu peak. The Mini monster has been doing well till now and it was its final test to climb from 2600 meters to 3400 meters in mere 6 Kms.

The road was very narrow, almost no place for giving pass to oncoming traffic. Some turns were so narrow that our monster needed to be reversed and turned... still it roared for 5 Kms and then the disaster struck !! A Km before, on a very narrow turning, it lost power and even with full throttle, it went inch by inch and then there is yellow blinking light (i) on dashboard, smell of something burning and it stopped... We were worried.... I opened the hood but there was no smoke... just very hot.. we waited for 10 mnts and re-started engine, which roared again in its usual diesel sound... and we slowly covered the last Km... there was a scorpio taxi we called its driver and enquired about the light.... he revealed that except 4wd all cars need half a clutch to reach such heights and smell of clutch is usual thing... and since our car is AMT, it has no half-clutch system and also we were not expert enough to keep the momentum.. hence the problem.. (Perhaps he didnt know I have driven on more dangerous roads of Iceland...but here Laxman was driving so may be... ) Meanwhile the yellow light went off and we were again in jovial mood... and started exploring the Hatu peak..

Rest photos will speak

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Hatu Temple on Hatu peak
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