KMVN Tourist Rest House, Mukteshwar, Uttaranchal.

Yogesh Sarkar

I guess it is time to update this review.

I stayed at KMVN TRH Mukteshwar in November 2016 and going by the earlier review by Anup sir, things have changed drastically over the years.

First off, this was our room; I clicked this picture after checking in.


It is a super-deluxe room with TV, geyser and we even got a room heater. It has one of the best views of the property. In season tariff was Rs. 2,600 + taxes, and it included breakfast and dinner.

This is the room next to it, I took these photos the next day, after we had checked out. Since our room was a mess, I had to shoot this one. This is a bit larger; however, I felt our room was better. Both are right next to each other, directly above the dining room.


Dinner buffet was good, it had mixed veg, dal, palak paneer, egg curry, rice, papad, roti, salad, sweetdish (feni) and tea/coffee.


Breakfast wasn’t as good, as it had aloo-puri (aloo subzi wasn’t tasty), bread, omelet, butter, jam, tea and coffee.

Dining hall 1, which is the indoor one is okish and best used for dinner, since the outer dining hall 2 gets cold. However, dining hall 2 has fantastic view and is a perfect setting for breakfast.



Views are simply superb, especially since the PWD Rest House has now been acquired by KMVN. When we were there, those rooms were under renovation. They are called Royal Rooms and have a tariff of Rs. 3,100 + taxes.


Although it is expensive, this is the best place to stay in Mukteshwar and service is good as well. Views are so good, most people come here to watch the sunset and sunrise, even if they are staying elsewhere!


Chalo Chalte hain!!!
Yogesh Ji,
I am planning to visit Mukteshwar on Feb-24...but KMVN TRH is fully booked.
Please suggest some other Hotel nearby which has the equivalent views and of same budget.


Yogesh Sarkar

There aren't any hotels nearby, just a few guesthouses and home stays. So you will have to check them out.

There are several resorts and hotels en route to Mukteshwar. However, they are a few kilometers before the town.