Known Issue: Enter Key Does not work


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Hi Yogesh,

My Enter key does not work when I'm trying to Post a reply or trying to post new thread. I'm posting this here thinking that someone else also mightl be facing this issue. I've written this post in Notepad and kept 2 lines space in each line and then pasted this here. This is time consuming.

Otherwise Enter key is working absolutely fine in other apps like Notepad, MS Word.

Please let me know the resolution if any.



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Re: Enter Key Does not work

Hey Yogesh,

It's my started working now. The button on the extreme left side i.e. Switch Editor to WYSIWYG Mode was disabled.

That was causing this problem.

Thanks for your quick reply as usual.

- - - Updated - - -

This is the button I'm talking about....


Yogesh Sarkar

An update regarding this matter, if you are using IE10 (irrespective of the platform), then WYSIWYG editor does not work properly and in particular, enter key does not work.

Workaround for this issue is to go to Settings and choose "Standard Editor - Extra formatting controls", which should work fine.

Note, as per my knowledge, this issue only affects IE10, other browsers are unaffected.

Our software vendor is working on a resolution for this issue and as soon as it is available, we will implement it here.

Yogesh Sarkar

Issue has been fixed, in case anyone faces this or any problem while using the forum with IE10, please let me know ASAP.