Kodaikanal–Munnar Road ( The old escape road prepared by British)

Tilak Francis

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Hi all,
I did an extensive search in the net on travelogues by people who trekked, Rode and Drove this escape road. I am now clear that the real escape road starts from Berijam lake goes through forest rest house, Konalaar dam, on the side of Vandaaravu peak and reaches the Top station directly. This road can only trek now.
There is a similar road which is not an escape road but runs parallel from Vattavada, Kottakamboor, Kadavari, Kilavarai and to Kodaikanal. This road is motorable with four-wheel drive and by bikes( off-road ones preferrable).
Permissions and legal issues: The region is under dispute between Kerala and Tamil Nadu forest departments on the issue of maintenance and hence it is a zone without any official governance. The further issue adds up to to the infamous Ganja plantations.

some of the best travelogues I have read and would like to share you all, which gives a clear idea for those who like to venture are:

A jeep ride by Sshinu
Kodaikanal - A different approach

A bicycle ride by Sam and Sheena
“It is better to apologise after than to ask permission before”

A trek through real escape road
Escape Road "Kodai to Munnar" Trek, March 21-23 – Chennai Trekking Club

A bike ride by Alfi James

Only the trek was done through escape road and all others were done in Kottakamboor, Kilavarai route to Kodaikanal.