Kolkata - Murti - Jungle Safari (Chapramari - Medla - Chandrachur) - Darjeeling - Kolkata


The above is the core area


The below pictures are the grasslands which are outside the Gorumara national park beside the Murti River. But these grasslands are man-made to enhance the elephant corridor.



We spotted some Kunki Elephants which are used for the different works in the park. Though we could not spot wild elephants we saw tamed elephants. Kids enjoyed a lot seeing the elephant.





Medla Watch Tower:


We even spotted the Bird; "Nilkantha". For bird watching, you have to visit Chukchuki watch Tower.






Below is Shimul Tree which the Local tribals worship during Poila Baishakh.


This ends the first half of today's journey. More exciting events are coming up. So stay tuned..............

Plunging into the riverbed is one of my hobbies. Wherever I see a riverbed my mind always sparks to deep dive into the river. Spending some quality time by dipping the feet into the cold water gives a serene feeling. Previously I was travelling with hatchback cars and did not have the privilege to do any “Dushtumi”. Now as I own a 4x4 I have the luxury to do these fun activities. Let's sit and enjoy the photographs of BORN FREE plunging into the Murti River.






So we left the riverbed and headed straight to our hotels. We did not have a good breakfast today so quickly had our lunch while we were having our lunch we decided that we will visit Chandrachur Watchtower which is inside the Khunia forest. It is another place where no one visits but to be very honest this experience which we had at Khuni was even more thrilling. We know that we were very lucky that we spotted rhinos both days and it may happen that we will not spot any animal but sometimes you need to enter the jungle to feel the eternity and bliss of the jungle. I will recommend everyone to visit this watchtower you will feel the real jungle.

It was too cloudy when the safari jeep arrived to pick us from our lodge. I’d booked the afternoon safari that starts at 4 pm. We started off with the thick humid air mixed with a pleasant wind breezing in from somewhere. The slate grey sky seemed to promise a downpour and the forest guides appeared keen to pray for no rain during the safari time.

Driving into the Jungle

The permits were already done and we moved into the preserved forest smoothly from the entrance gate. The clouds were hovering around the park. Monstrous trees on both sides of the forest path stood as a witness to the primitive forest, giving a peek into the thick green beyond. The jeep started to sink into the dense forest quickly. A strange silence was cast upon us as each one of us on the safari jeep drifted from the mundane to the pulsating wild; a world unseen and so unknown.

A glimpse of wildness in Khunia:


You see, the sky has no limit.....


Proud peacock was calling for his mate


Restless peacock screams when any animal is on move


A glimpse of wild boar at the waterhole


Our guide is sharing his experience of wild elephants with Ruhaan......


Rishaan with our another friend


Our national bird knows how to pose for photos


Another day is gone ......


Beautiful sunset


Bye bye, see you soon......someone is chanting inside me


We were lucky to see Snake, Barking Deer Rhinos, Bison (Indian Gaur actually), lots of Peacocks, Wild Boar, lots of birds. Came across lots of birds chirping sounds. Came over so many trees with so many varied properties. If you ask me, which part of the jungles shall I visit again, my answer is Khunia. I have smelt the elephants there, heard the bison there but could not see them. Actually, they are not bound to make a catwalk for us, they are born free and have the right to live free.

Bidding Goodbye to Jungle tomorrow we will be heading to Hill- Queen of Hills-Darjeeling....