Kota & Gandhi Sagar - What a Surprise!!


Mathura Jn was something else. At like 1am. The entire hall had people lying on the floor /sleeping, And a big black bull. I went into another waiting hall; same thing, another big black bull. :-D
It will remain same.
Even if it is covers with stones now or with gold in future !
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Pardeep Dhounchak

जाट देवता ने कहा है : घुमक्कड़ी किस्मत से मिलती है
superrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr loggggggggggggg

Suneesh Sharma

Love my Iron Beast
After spending some time there clicking photos, we decided to find some suitable place to stay and came across the Hinglaj Resort. We were simply blown away by the location of the resort. It was right on top of the huge Gandhi Sagar reservoir which actually looked like a sea. The Boating point was just next to the Resort. The resort was a MP Tourism property and definitely a star rated property. Cottages were beautifully built and interiors were tastefully done. Rooms were big and comfortable. There was a nice swimming pool which was beautifully lit up in the evening. The resort had a gym as well as a playing room which housed a pool table, table tennis and carom. There were fountains which were again lit up with many colours.

entering the Hinglaj resort
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the reception area
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entering our room
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the interiors
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the menu
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food is reasonably priced but the catch is small portions.. you have to order twice the quantity
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beautiful cottages
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and a lovely pool
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Wonderful pics and nicely written


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Hey, This is my home town, Kota. Did my engineering too from Engineering College Kota which is on Rawatbhata road. Now it has become RTU "Rajasthan Technical University" We visited Gandhi Sagar Dam only once when I was in V standard, decades ago. There are very faded memories left from that trip. I can recall only a very beautiful garden & a very big reservoir.

Kota ki Kachori is top class. People take it overseas too. It doesn't rot for a week. Apart from Suwalal Shop, Ratan Sev Bhandar (Nayapura), Jai Jinendra (Aerodrome Circle) & Jodhpur Sweets (Gumanpura) are also very famous. Taste is nearly same of all these outlets. Jodhpur Sweets was very famous for Pyaaz Kachoris also.

Thanks for taking me back in time & cherish those memories.:):)