KTM-RC twins launched


Lost and found in Ladakh!
Yeah, they tweaked the engine a bit to get more rev friendly gear ratio to live up with the race competition DNA...why I am bit skeptical is, I heard a lot about the quality issues of D390...so I would prefer the wait nd watch stand...but yes, if your heart says to go for it right now...please go for it....I am sure it's a great machine...by the way how was the feeling/quality/fitting of the fairings and other extra plastics that were missing in D200/390 ?
Can you point me to any link where it is mentioned that the engine's have been tweaked? Because all I have read about is just external tweaks, nothing in the engine.

The bike has just arrived and they have not put it up for display so I just could get a glimpse of it, nothing in detail.
I am going again tomorrow, after its put up for display :)

There are no differences engine wise. Its the same engine without any tweaks. The only difference is in the aerodynamics due to fairing.Also, the wheelbase is shorter in RC for that tight corner on the Racetrack.
Posting couple of shots of RC 390 that was on display in the showroom.
Clicked last saturday.

The bike looks smaller in flesh than it looks in the posters (a good thing for me ;))


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