It was a big argument this Kumbh - is the nostalgia of the yellow lights (sodium lights) being missed this year or is the white led light better. Met lots of old photographer friends and most of them were not happy with the white led lights. Also this year there was no fog during the whole mela till now.

One hundred percent millions of led light through out the mela



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few of my friends gone to kumbha they said ganga is very clean . what other people suggestion? is ganga really clean in Prayagraj???
few of my friends gone to kumbha they said ganga is very clean . what other people suggestion? is ganga really clean in Prayagraj???
Yes Sir its very clean - seeing such clean GANGA after many many years - atleast 4 kumbhs I remember. Four reasons - no flowers and prayer items were allowed to be sold near the banks, the whole bathing area was barricaded with floating plastic floats so that not a single debris could cross it, and special technology was brought in to filter out all the sewage that was flowing into the ganga - not a single dirty nala was discharging in the river, and finally fresh underground water was being pumped into the river- 10 tube-wells of dia 9-10 inch throwing fresh clean water into the river.

This is THE Sangam area, ordinary people taking a dip at 3.30 in the morning of 4th Feb 2019 - the Mauni Amavasya day

Watch the orange floats stringed - these act as a barrier for the debris as well as for the pilgrims and there are workers working 24x7 to fish out any thing floating - keeps the water clean
Its 4am on 4th Feb at the banks of river Ganga - and the crowd of pilgrims is swelling every minute - everyone is in a hurry but no pushing

Preparing for Shahi Snan on 4th feb 2019 - the representatives of the akhadas are at the ghat with the Ramnami flag, making sure the ghats are ready- the nagas will follow soon. Its 4.10 am and the light wind was very cold.

Frantic whistling going on by the police, lifeguards and the civil defence people to chase the common public out of the bathing area for the nagas. But public toh public hai - it continues its rituals. 4.15 am and still the area is not free of public while the akhadas are on the way.

Finally at 4.50 am the area is cleared for the Nagas. Only the Mela representatives are in the water.

5.50 am and finally the Nagas are all lined up behind the camera men to take the plunge.

The babas take a plunge and start the bathing rituals and playing like kids.

Shahi Snan - Sri Panchayati Akhara Mahanirvani is the first akhada to take the dip.
After the holy dip the babas stand shivering and rub the Bhabhoot (ash) again before heading back to their akhadas. Irrespective of the people staring at them they go on with their business without cloths.


These are the spears carried by the Akhadas and are brought to the ganges for giving them a bath too. After the nagas the spears are offered prayers and given a bath.

Smearing the ash on whole body - they do not wipe off the water - instead rub ash on wet body itsef.

Time to pose for the cameras.

A ring of camera men hoping to get the best shot of the nagas taking a dip

Sea of humanity. Foreigners and lots of them are amongst the crowd.

After the ash rubbing the nagas gather to start back to their ashrams


One of the few female Mahamandelashwars