Lab or GSD or Doberman - Hot Climate

Which dog of the below is more suitable?

  • Labrador

    Votes: 5 21.7%
  • German Shepherd

    Votes: 12 52.2%
  • Doberman

    Votes: 6 26.1%
  • If you wanna suggest some other breed please make a post

    Votes: 2 8.7%

  • Total voters


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Why torture a poor furry dog in a hot climate?
I have clearly mentioned that i do not recommend mastiffs...
just posted the awesome furry beast cos i read some posts in regard to their appearance. and these dogs are great family dogs but very very poor neighborhood pets. and definitely not for first time owners.

Wo! guys i just read...
the pure bred Tibetan Mastiff( the breed has its origins rooted 58000 years in the pas) has a record for the highest price tag... was sold for 600,000/- USD. in china.
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Thanks for the clarification, exactly I cent per cent agree to that, my neighbours brought atleast half a dozen Gaddi breeds and not surprising only one survived that also due to fact that they had an Ice Factory running very near to their premises :D
Oh, I think know the neighbours you are talking about.


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^^It was China and breed was Tibetian, They can pay even higher for breeds from Arunachal or J&K for that matter & patent then as Chinese breed :D


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we had a doberman for 13 yrs and it was the best dog ever. it was ferocious for outsiders but was a softie for family members. the kids in the family would be all over him..sitting on him..etc and he would be so patient and so gentle..if the kids were to much for him he would just go off to the other room. we had him trained when he was young and he won prizes at dog shows. he was a vegetarian. we still miss him a lot.
so prasham...dobermans are not dumb or loud...a lot depends on how u bring up dogs. i have seen a lot of people who get expensive dogs and just tie them in their house..or yard and that makes the dog wanna bark a lot and makes it irritable. u have to treat it well with affection. i would not recommend a GSD as they have lots of health issues in later stage and labs are too friendly and affectionate to keep as guard dogs. dobermans are best guard dogs amonst these 3...but LABS are best for kids...
Though I have voted for the GSD, but I would like to request you to consider the Czechoslovakian Wolfdog as a serious contender if you have not yet got one for you.

Short Description
Lively, very active, capable of endurance, docile with quick reactions. Fearless and courageous. Suspicious, yet does not attack without cause. Shows tremendous loyalty towards his master. Resistant to weather conditions. Versatile in his use.

The details are available here.
Czechoslovakian Wolfdog Information and Pictures, Czechoslovakian Wolfdogs


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Yeah haven't updated here about my decision....

I adopted a Doberman. This month was his first birthday and I am impressed by its quick growth and loving temperament. I got a dob with his tail intact and I have kept it that way.

Here I present two pics of him. The 1st pic was taken a couple of months back while the 2nd one was taken a few days after I adopted him.