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Ascending Rohtang | Lahaul Valley | Ep17 Ladakh Road Trip

Hello Friends. Presenting seventh part of our Leh Ladakh Road Trip series covering our return journey via Leh Manali Highway from Jispa to Rohtang Base.

We came out of traffic jam at Baralacha by around 9:30 and started descending towards Jispa, our destination for the day. It was pitch dark and nothing was visible except for the tall walls of ice. There were some water crossings on the road, however due to drop in temprature water level on these water crossings were much less and so there was no danger.

We reached Jispa located at a height of 3200 meters above MSL in Lahaul Valley at around 11:30 PM and after searching for a while got a hotel and retired for the day.

This video starts from the next day we left Jispa at around 9:30 AM and was accompanied by Bhaga River till we reached Tandi and then we were accompanied by Chandra River till Koksar from where ascend to Rohtang starts. We took our breakfast at Keylong, administrative headquarter of Lahaul Subdivision.

A few kilometers before Koksar we were stuck for around 3 hours as a bridge over a water stream caved in due to massive mass of ice over it. However the road was cleared with the help of JCB and we reached Koksar at around 3 PM and started ascending to Rohtang La, the shortest but challanging pass of this route, located at a height of 3978 meters above MSL.

However, half way to the ascend the road was closed and we had to take a diversion to a gravel damaged road. To add to this it started raining once we crossed Koksar indicating a bad weather up at Rohtang La.

This video covers our journey up to this point. Watch my next video to find out the challanges we faced while crossing Rohtang La. Now enjoy the video from beginning to end to know about our Leh Ladakh India Tour in detail.

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Last drive over Slushy Rohtang ? | Dangerous Roads | EP18 Ladakh Road Trip

Hello Friends. Presenting last part of our Leh Ladakh Road Trip series covering our return journey via Leh Manali Highway from Rohtang Base (Khoksar) to Manali.

After taking the diversion due to road closure, we were greeted by bad potholed road and view of double rainbow. Though the view of double rainbow vanished soon, the bad roads accompanied us till Marhi baring few good patches. In addition to that the bad weather also continued till Marhi. We were also greeted with high snow walls and foggy weather at the top of Rohtang with no site of any tourist as it was Tuesday and was closed for tourists.

We reached Manali at around 7 PM. Though the distance was not that long it took time due to broken bridge, bad weather and bad roads.

This video covers our journey up to this point which is also our last part of Ladakh Road Trip series.