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Dear Travellers,

My wife and I am planning to EXPERIENCE LADAKH IN SEPT 2018. Detailed itinerary has been prepared with valuable info. we are looking for LIKE-MINDED TRAVEL PARTNERS to ENJOY WITH US in either Shared Taxi or on their Own Vehicle, sharing costs. We would like to Enjoy the Cultural LADAKH FESTIVAL on 25th Sept, and if ILP given, would like to Visit Hanle Observatory, the under-rated twin lakes Kyun Tso, Chilling Tso ( RYUL LAKES ), Turtuk and Panamik. Interested to cover Purtikchey, Parkachik, Nun-Kun Masiff, Rangdum, Pensi La Top, Drang-Drung glacier, Long Tso, Stat Tso to have a glimpse on Zanskar valley for which NO ILP needed.

# Like - Minded : We are NOT SHOW-OFF TOURISTS to get down and click pictures at each and every corner of the natural scenic ladakh to post in social sites for likes instead appreciating the Raw Natural Beauty of Mother Nature as it is in the Driest and Best Month of Ladakh ( Sept -- After Monsoons, Blooming & Blossoming, sNOw ( got the intended pun ? : - ( ), Safe and Better Roads with less traffic........ . We are RESPONSIBLE TRAVELLERS ON LITTER FREE LADAKH, PRESERVE WATER, WANT TO EXPERIENCE THE LADAKHI LIFE STYLE IN ALL ASPECTS ( be it food, home, music, games, attire, hospitality, friendly warmth.....) --- simply be a Roman when you are in Rome. We prefer Ladakhi / Muslim Drivers, Home Stays / Guest Houses instead of comfy hotels as we want to give employment and financial assistance to the warmth hospitality of the lovely local ladakhi people instead of already rich private corporate tour agencies. It can be understood as " CHARITY WRAPPED WITH DIGNITY "Thanks.

Navigatingly yours,

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