Ladakh in May 2015 - A dream fulfilled

Chetan Kulkarni

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Your narration with your pictures will entice everyone reading to make the trip at the earliest opportunity! Waiting for next installment.
Thank you Jawahar. I am glad you feel this way. If I am able to convey my experience in a way that prompts people to go and see this beautiful place there is nothing like it.

Beautiful captures again Chetan....enjoying..........
Thanks for your continued appreciation Lavs

Chetan Kulkarni

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The Sand Dunes of Hunder
After reaching Hunder we took some rest and some food. Sitting in the rest house I could spot various birds including a white capped redstart, redstart, grey tit.

A female redstart came close by and had her lunch as we awaited ours.



Some views nearby were very interesting too..


After lunch and rest we went to the sand dunes. My friend and her daughter decided to take a rest.

A river flowing near the dunes had real cold water. And yet some souls, brave or stupid is up to you to decide, sat with their feet in the water.


We went and sat in the dunes for a little while. It was a very interesting setting. The sand dunes in the foreground, a river flowing behind and the snow clad mountains above. This is very unique and rarely will you see it anywhere else.



People took the safari on the famous Bactrian Camels. These are two humped camels and the story about them was equally interesting.

It seems these camels are not local to this region. They came along with their owners as part of the trading done on the Silk Route. The old and tired camels were left behind and hence they grew. Due to inbreeding the size of the camels has reduced.

The truth behind the story is unverified but it was interesting to hear all the same.

Seeing people on camels prompted my wife and kids to try a camel safari themselves.


In the meanwhile I clicked a view of the Diskit Monastery in the distance. You can see the Gompa on the right and the tall statue of the Maitreya Buddha on the left side.


A 13 shot panorama of the place with Hunder on the left and Diskit on the right.


Shlok eventually got on to his camel but I could not see Shilpa or Avni.


Other people went by but there was no sign of them.


Eventually I spotted them at the point of starting the safari. I knew the culprit immediately :) My daughter would not have liked the hirsute beasts and therefore bailed out.

I tried to shoot another panorama and some sand formations.


The dust started blowing across and gave a feeling of Mordor from the Lord of the Rings movie.


Eventually the sun started to set and cold winds started to blow.


We had to go to Turtuk the next day and decided to return back to have some dinner.

Every day brought some unique terrain and landscapes for us. We hoped Turtuk would be no different.