Ladakh in May 2015 - A dream fulfilled

Very enjoyable log, the pictures are extremely clear, the light factor perfect and the capturing of the cloud formations overhead is wonderful enjoyed every photograph of yours, thanks for posting them


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Can't express it with one word.....!

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Pangong Tso
Pangong Tso, seen in movies and more so in the travelogues in BCMT. In different forms and shades. Sometimes azure, sometimes blue. Sometimes frozen too!

But always alluring and inviting. Asking the "bhakts" of Ladakh to come and see it.

And it was love at first sight for me too. Who would not fall in love with this beauty. We stopped at Lukung just to touch the waters. Cloudy skies aside the waters were clean and at the shores you could see right through to the bottom.



And proceeded to Spangmik where we had booked our tents in Camp Redstart. Things were really cold and windy and temperature showed up at -1 C

We got our luggage down and went to see our tents which were nice. The kids are real fans of tents and loved them immediately. We got down to eating some lunch and then while everyone else slept Shilpa and I went down to have a look at the lake again from Spangmik.



From there we went to the shooting point where the shooting of 3 Idiots apparently happened.

A 16 shot panorama


And a profile pic :)


While returning back we saw a nice patch of yellow grass which stood out against the lovely lake and mountains.


A nice combination of yellows, greens and blues


Things were getting really cold and windy and we returned to our tents waiting for dinner. In spite of all the cold I had hoped to do some astrophotography but the clouds did not do me any favours.

So I finally decided to go to sleep. Some hot water bags kept us warm and there was no way I was going to do astrophotography at night even if the clouds permitted. An opportunity missed :(

While sleeping Shilpa insisted that another trip in August/September was necessary to explore this region. Could not agree more...

The next morning showed the effects of the cold weather. The mountains behind us were covered with snow.




A 12 shot panorama of the tents and the mountain range behind


We left at 7:30 in the morning since the news from Changla was not good and we had hoped to reach Tso Moriri in the evening.

Some stops at Pangong could not be avoided thought :D


The clouds made the water show its different shades.


The colors were alluring. Asking me to stay back. Some day in the future lady in blue giving me blues.



I saw some stones which made for a good composition ahead. I walked for around 10 minutes and saw this view!!!

A 16 shot panorama :)


A couple was enjoying the view as well.


A walk down was mandatory and a riot of colours and reflections followed.




Blues, Greens, Yellows, Aqua this was a total Eastman Color show.


The waves were crashing into the shores..


Reluctantly I had to go from here. But Pangong leaves a lasting memory in my mind.


But I feel like I have seen just a trailer and need to see the entire movie again and again...
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