Ladakh in May 2015 - A dream fulfilled

Chetan Kulkarni

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Good... Bring it on
Thank you. Next installment shortly.

Gr8 Teaser click!
Thank you

Mesmerizing start Dada!!! Outstanding captures...Ladakh through your lens will be a treat for eyes!!! Subscribed...!!!!
Thanks Debarshi

Nice start Chetan. Waiting the story to unfold day by day.
Thank you Shekhar

Amazing pics ...hooked on to thread now
Thanks Sandeep

Superb start Chetan sir.
Concur - "There is no joy like seeing these mountains."
Waiting for more now :)
Thank you Amritash

Excellent Start !!!
Thanks Raj

Amazing pics. Heavenly place. Bring it on
Thanks Jin

Nice warming up !!.
Waiting to see Paradise through your skilled eyes er ! ......... LENSES !!
Thank you as always :)

Superb pictures
Chetan ji
can i share your pics on wats app with my friends?
Thanks Ashoka. Feel free to share. Or better still get them to BCMT :)

Superb start. Waiting for the next installments...
Thank you. Posting shortly.