Ladakh itinerary Planning from Kolkata


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Hi Guys,

I was in ladakh on July 2012. I was bachelor that time. From that time onward, I had a plan to visit again ladakh with my own vehicle. I am owning a Tata Zest which was my partner in NetarHut, Uttarkhand Kumaon area, North Bengal, Gopalpur-chilka-puri Orisha.
This year 2016, I somehow manage to get a two weeks leave from office which is very difficult to get for a IT professional. Let me share some conversation with my manager.

Me: Dada, I have a leave plan in August.
Manager: August will be fine as we have a production release on July.
Me: Actually I need 2 working weeks leave.
Manager: OMG! You may get release from the project.
Me: (very politely) You have whole control on this. Actually I need 15 days leave including weekends.
Manager: Where will you go?
Me: Ladakh.
Manager: Ladakah.. =D>
I understand, he will allow me.
Me: However I have not booked anything, there is lot of things need to be done before this trip.
Manager: How do you travel? Have you booked flight tickets??
Me: No. I will not fly.
Manager: Then? Train.. it will take huge time in train.
Me: No. I will be in my car.
Manager: :shock: Are you serious?
Me: Yes. I will go with my wife and I am only the solo driver.
Manager: Your leave is approved. Go and enjoy your trip.
Me: \\:D/

So everything is set, now time to gathering information.
Below is the itinerary which I am going to cover.

30.07.2016: kolkata - agra
31.07.2016: agra- jammu (Via mughal road if road is open)
01.08.2016 jammu- sonmarg
02.08.2016 sonmarg- parkachik
03.08.2016 parkachik- parkachik (visit Padum and back)
04.08.2016 parkachik- leh
05.08.2016 leh
06.08.2016 leh- pangong
07.08.2016 pangong- hanle (Via Chushul Road)
08.08.2016 hanle- tsomoriri
09.08.2016 tsomoriri- keylong
10.08.2016 keylong- manali
11.08.2016 manali- karnal
12.08.2016 karnal- kanpur
13.08.2016 kanpur- kolkata
14.08.2016 Extra Day
15.08.2016 Extra Day

I don't want to visit Nubra this year.
Please share some thoughts/suggestion on my itinerary.


Also Please let me know if anyone wants to join us.


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Yogesh Sarkar

Initial part of your itinerary is fast paced, and it would be a good idea to add a day en route if possible.

Zest is going to struggle en route to Padum and Chushul, since it is off road.

Tso Moriri to Keylong is a long drive as well.

Also in order to reach Tandi petrol pump, you will need enough fuel for 835km, unless you're ok with the idea of buying fuel in black.

You will also need Inner Line Permit to reach Hanle and even if you have permit, you can still be turned back from Chushul.


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Thanks Yogesh Vai for your kind attention.
As we will be two driver, reaching Sonamarg with 2 night halts will not be a problem I guess.
I have already covered the Nubra area in my last program, so this year we are planning to Zanskar. I come to know, till parkachik the road is fine. but after that road deteriorates. Although I have seen one thread where low GC vehicle has reached to Padum.
I had a short discussion with Masterjee regarding Chushul road, he said the route is fine if we will leave early. Few water passes will be a problem which again can be ignore if we will leave for destination early. Please share your feedback if you see any other obstacles, however the ILP is a big issue in this route. Hoping for the best.
I understand that the Tsomoriri to Keylong will be long time taking drive. Can you suggest some suitable place where we can halt for a night as we have 2 nights in our hand?
I am planning to carry 40 lt jerry can. So the total will be 84 lt including fuel tank which I guess sufficient enough.

Yogesh Sarkar

Sarchu would be a good point to break the journey.

Remember that the more stuff you carry in your car, lower the ground clearance would be.


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Sarchu would be a good point to break the journey.

Remember that the more stuff you carry in your car, lower the ground clearance would be.
Thank you Yogesh Vai, Roger That!
Masterjee, please give some suggestion and also please share some photographs of Chushul road.. Eagerly waiting for your reply.