Ladakh, the one last dance

Yogesh Sarkar

This isn’t a travelogue, this isn’t even a photologue. This is goodbye letter from one lover to another and the last dance, which played out between them. Not many will understand the emotions behind this, but this has been a decade long love affair and for me, it couldn’t have had a more appropriate, emotional and beautiful ending. This is, my tribute to the land I loved and will forever love from the bottom of my heart, yet, today I move on…

Goodbye Love,

You have said your farewell earlier, when I was just thinking of ways of saying it to you and now I must say the same.

I fell in love with you the first time we met, since then I have come back to you again and again for what only you could provide and you have given me a lot. Today much of what I am, what I am known for and what I do is because of you and your unconditional love.

Yet today is the last time we meet as lovers, for tomorrow when I depart only your memories will remain and when we meet again, we will meet as friends.

I will come back for work and I will come back when I have to show someone one of my most memorable love affairs. But you know as well as I do, an era has ended now and I must move on.

You know the reasons for this better than I do, for you gave me more and more till I could take no more and I just sat there admiring the beauty I once loved. For you looked more beautiful yesterday and today than you had ever earlier.

You knew even before I did that it would be over now, I guess I didn't wanted to acknowledge it so soon. So we both put on our best cloths and danced one last time as lovers. We danced for hours and when I could dance no more, I sat down and watched you dance one last time for me. I smiled ever so softly with tears in my eyes, I whispered to you, thank you love and I will always remember you like this, for your beauty and compassion far exceeds anything I could understand and love. So I say goodbye now love, I will always hold your memories close to my heart and will visit you one day with my child by my side, hoping they too will fall for you like I did once and you will love them as much as you loved me throughout.

Forever in your debt,
The boy who fell in your love...

Zanskar Range from Air


Morning colors of Leh


View from a window I called home for 9 nights...


View at Khardung La


On the road to Sumur


Warshi Village


View around Warshi


The last dance of Nubra...


The one who watches over this beautiful land...




On the road to Wari La...


The place I called home for 9 nights at Otsal Guest House...



Be a Good person but Don't try to Prove.
Awesome Yogesh. Sometimes they say that a picture talks more than thousand words but in your case hundred words talked story of a lifetime.

Yogesh Bhai, this is a very emotional letter. Its hard to get into your shoes to understand your affair with Ladakh and why do you think it has ended.
I wish you all the best in your future endeavors!!!

Yogesh Sarkar

Anirban, this is the start and this is the end. There is no next part or more photographs. I might share a few more occasionally at different places. But as far as this is concerned, this is the end.