Ladakh, the one last dance

Sir, I have not contributed to this site but have followed it avidly. I have done "the Last Dance" 3 times now !!!
your photographs go a great way towards showing those that have not experienced your heaven what they are missing. but your words will seal the fate for those who look but do not see because the only way to really see is to stand in the picture, 360 degrees view, sights, sounds, silence, panoramas beyond any, no matter how big your flat screen TV !!!!!!
I wish you good luck and fortune in whatever you do and hope to visit "heaven" again myself next year.
Best wishes from the mountains of Wales to the the real mountains of Ladakh/Himalaya !


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Amazingly beautiful, the words straight out of heart and the pain is visible. Beautifully written Boss, and about pics I wont comment, as I fall short of words. Well I am sure now since you were so much soaked in with this beauty that it was bound to attract you always, but after this good bye I know you. You wont be sitting idle you will start hunting for the beauty beyond this...... Great YS Boss keep it up

Chetan Kulkarni

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All the best Yogesh. I have been following your posts on FB and I could sense the tug of war in your mind.

Well it seems you have chosen a direction and I hope it works out for the best. As always your immense effort in running BCMT will have my utmost respect and support.


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The words and the pictures..right from the deepest corner of your heart...indeed very touchy and rightly reflects the love and respect you have for this wonderful land...



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The beauty of this place is unparalleled.
And the unpredictability makes it all the more interesting.
Photographs make me look at my screen in awe!!
Making me all the more determined to fulfil the dream in 2016...


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Beautifully written, very poetic. All the very best for the path you had chosen. Your respect and gratitude for Ladakh is clearly depicted in mesmerising photos. Now I have more itched dream to visit this marvel... hopefully soon O:)O:)O:)


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Hi Yogesh,

Since my 1st trip of Leh around 2010 I have been following this site. I would like to accept that Photoes, Blogs have made me travel more and more in Himalaya Range.
Thanks for support at all the points as and when required.
All the best for the future and path selected by you.

Happy Travelling.

Chirag Shah