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Hello Yogesh Ji,

I need some help from you.
We are 2 guys and have planned backpacking to Leh on 20th june. This is our 1st trip to Ladakh region. We start from Chandigarh via Manali and plan to return via Srinagar thus including Pahalgam and Gulmarg.
We have in total 18 days so time is not a constraint but most important info is We are niether driving nor riding and totally depend on public transport. Plus we haven't made any hotel reservations and will rely on availability at places. This is more because the trip will be pretty much impromptu decisions.

We are gonna spend 6-7 days in Ladakh where we'll make Leh as base and travel to Nubra valley (2-3 days with stay at Diskit and probably next at Panamik then back to Leh), Pangong Tso (2 days then back to Leh).
I have read many of your posts to know what kind of things one needs to carry along so that part is covered.

But my main question is can accomodation be arranged on runtime at these places? Like at Keylong, Sarchu, Eco huts at Lukung, Diskit, Panamik and even in Srinagar.

Also will buses ply on these routes (I hope they do as Locals need to travel around too) ?

Hope to receive a reply from you.



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Will be obliged if you could let me know if this information about ladakh travel is updated or from which year
as there is every possibility that many a things would have changed.
I am travelling end August till 21st Sept'14


Will be obliged if you could let me know if this information about ladakh travel is updated or from which year
as there is every possibility that many a things would have changed.
I am travelling end August till 21st Sept'14
Kiran,this guide mostly comprises distance between two places and sight seeing places which doesnt need to be updated.
If you still want more info about traveling to Ladakh,please go thru various articles which are regularly updated and have up to date information.
You can also post your itinerary to fine tune your Ladakh visit and we will be glad to help you in our full capacity possible.

Vikram M N

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Hi Guys,

First of all thanks a lot for all the details and suggestions you people have put down for Ladakh. I could get an idea of how to go about with this trip. PFB my travel itinerary and few questions. It would be great if you could provide me with your suggestions.

31-Jul Friday Start from Chennai
1-Aug Monday Journey
2-Aug Tuesday Reach Delhi. Start to Manali
3-Aug Wednesday Reach Manali
4-Aug Thursday Manali to Darcha
5-Aug Friday Darcha to Pang
6-Aug Saturday Pang to Leh
7-Aug Sunday Leh Permits (Khardungla to and fro)
8-Aug Monday Leh to Pangong
9-Aug Tuesday Pangong to Leh
10-Aug Wednesday Leh to Kargil
11-Aug Thursday Kargil to Srinagar
12-Aug Friday Srinagar to Jammu
13-Aug Saturday Jammu Tawi to Chennai
14-Aug Sunday Journey
15-Aug Monday Journey
16-Aug Tuesday Chennai at 10.10

1. This is the rough itinerary which we have in mind. We are open to suggestions. Our idea is to start from Manali, end at Srinagar. Visit Khardungla, Pangong (or Tsomoriri) en route.
2. Itinerary was prepared with my Spiti trip in mind last year. This time we want to take it easy with not more than 150 Km a day which would give us time for sightseeing and photos. Let me know if the split is good.
3. We might have pillions. How tough it is to ride with Pillions. I've been to Spiti where the roads were pretty bad. Should I be expecting roads as bad as Old Tibet Road or would it be better
4. I'm planning to courier by bike through GATI. Take it from Mandi and parcel it from Jammu. Please let me know if there are any other options.
Rest of the folks are planning to rent their bike there. Would it be possible to rent from Manali and deposit it Srinagar or Jammu. This is our main concern. If someone could provide solution for this we'd be grateful.

Yogesh Sarkar

Spending a night at Pang is a bad idea, since it is at higher altitude than Sarchu. Also at least last year, motorcycles rented from outside Leh weren’t permitted on the tourist circuit i.e. after reaching Leh, you had to hire another motorcycle from local rental companies for Khardung La and Pangong Tso.

You can hire motorcycles from Manali and drop them in Srinagar, though expect to pay anywhere from 7-10k per motorcycle for it, along with Rs. 800 to Rs. 1700 per day rental.

Indians no longer need permit to visit Khardung La and Pangong Tso.

My advice to you would be to fly directly to Srinagar, visit Leh and then ride to Manali, drop the bikes there (which you will rent from Leh) and then take train/flight back to Chennai. This will free up at least 3 days, which you can spend in Ladakh. Plus you don’t want to be in Kashmir around Independence Day, very tight security and high chance of terrorist attacks and/or bandhs.

Road for most part are a mix of good and bad, nothing as bad as the Losar - Gramphoo stretch though.

For pillions it would of course would be a tiring ride.

Also keep in mind that you will be traveling in monsoon season, so expect rain and landslides till Baralacha La on Manali side and till Zoji La on Srinagar side.

Vikram M N

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Thanks so much for the quick reply Yogesh.

Yes i too had that Aug 15 thing in mind but now that you've said we'll plan in a different way.

We can’t take flights as we have some budget issues. But I’ve re planned the itinerary in a way which you suggested.

Please let me know if it’s fine. Srinagar to Leh and Leh to Manali i just divided the distance by 3 and selected a couple of places to stay. I'm not much sure about the altitude. So we'd take any place you suggest. For both these if get enthu and complete it in two days will it be a problem with respect to AMS. (If at all we could do it in two days we might get extra days in Leh)

We all have TN registered bikes. I wasn’t aware that they weren’t allowed for excursion out there. It’s a dream to travel in Ladakh with my bike. Isn’t there any other option so that i can take by bike?

If at all if it’s must to take their registered bikes where can we keep our bikes safely in Leh.

PFB the itinerary
Jul 30 - Thur- chennai start
Jul 31 - fri - travel
Aug 1 - sat - reach Jammu
Aug 2 - sun - Jammu to Srinagar
Aug 3 - mon - Srinagar to Kargil
Aug 4 - tue - Kargil to Lamayuru
Aug 5 - wed - Lamayuru to Leh
Aug 6 - thur - Leh (Permits, sightseeing)
Aug 7 - fri - leh to pangong
Aug 8 - sat - pangong to leh
Aug 9 - sun - Leh - Sumur
Aug 10 - mon - Sumur -Leh
Aug 11 - tue - Leh to Pang
Aug 12 - wed - Pang to Darcha
Aug 13 - thur - Darcha to Manali
Aug 14 - fri - Manali to Delhi
Aug 15 - sat - Start from Delhi
Aug 16 - sun - Journey
Aug 17 - mon - Reach Chennai

Yogesh Sarkar

No issue in taking your own motorcycle, just that there is an issue with rented motorcycles from outside Leh.

As for your itinerary, visit Nubra first. Kargil to Leh is easily doable in a single day, roads are great.

You can also do Leh to Sarchu in a single day as well.

Keep at least one buffer day in Delhi to deal with delays.