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hi vikram, i have traveled to leh from chennai in august 2014 with rented bike from delhi(with 3 more guys). We were aware of this ban on rented bikes but still took risk. We have been to nubra and pangong as well but no one has stopped us and questioned ever. What I heard was, their target is to stop big groups which were organized by tours&travels. I am not suggesting you to go with this option but may be you can take some risk based on the feedback from travelers after the season starts. Leh-Manali can be done easily in 2 days if you start early in the day. kargil-leh is one day with any number of breaks. its an awesome road to drive. what i understood from our trip is that,starting early in the day is very critical to maintain the schedule.

Vikram M N

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Thanks Yogesh and BBMurthy.

Yes early start is one of the two things that we have to this time. Last time we started late about 10 or 11 and ended up driving till 7 to 7.30 in the evening. Good thing was Spiti was always bright. We also missed breakfast almost on all days.

I'm not sure whether that or dehydration or AMS or not wearing thermal for some time caused severe headache in Chandratal when i got up. I had to cut short the trip and come down.

As per your suggestion we would have Srinagar to Leh and Leh to Manali too as a 2 day plan if possible. If at all we have to split it into three days. What all places you would suggest us to rest, depending on the altitude.

As far as the bikes are concerned we all have TN registered bikes. Will let you know about the bikes we have once everything gets confirmed. You can suggest us what to do. But everything above 150 so it wont be a problem i guess.

Yogesh Sarkar

It was likely due to AMS, which is why we do not recommend climbing altitude too quickly. Though while coming back from Leh, you will likely be acclimatized to high altitude and can stay pretty much anywhere you want.

Vikram M N

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Thanks Yogesh.

So wouldnt AMS be an issue if we do Srinagar to Leh in Two days i.e. Srinagar to Kargil and Kargil to Leh

Vikram M N

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Thanks for all the help.

This is the final itinerary as of now. Hope its fine.

Jul 30 - Thur- Chennai Train
Jul 31 - fri - travel
Aug 1 - sat - reach Jammu
Aug 2 - sun - Jammu to Srinagar
Aug 3 - mon - Srinagar to Kargil
Aug 4 - tue - Kargil to Leh
Aug 5 - wed - Leh (Permits, sightseeing)
Aug 6 - thur - Leh - Sumur
Aug 7 - fri - Sumur -Leh
Aug 8 - sat - leh to pangong
Aug 9 - sun - pangong to leh
Aug 10 - mon - Leh to Sarchu
Aug 11 - tue - Sarchu to Keylong
Aug 12 - wed - Keylong to Manali
Aug 13 - thur - Manali to Delhi Bus
Aug 14 - fri - Delhi
Aug 15 - sat - Train from Delhi
Aug 16 - sun - Journey
Aug 17 - mon - Reach Chennai

Vikram M N

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Thanks Yogesh. Just mentioned the permit thing there for namesake.

Once we fix the no. of riders and bikes i'd be needing your help again to select travel gears. Will check with you once done.


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Can you suggest a local tour operator for Leh-Ladakh?
i am going with my family in july this year.(11 Members)


Thanks so much for putting all this useful information together, Yogesh, I've found it very helpful in preparing for my trip. Unfortunately, I won't be getting away as early as would be desirable so will have to stay flexible as far as making plans and see how the weather plays out in September. I'll be keenly watching for your trip reports!

I'm still at home in Canada now, and the car is in Goa so haven't been able to do any 'hands on' preparations yet, but will arrive in Goa September 16 and had hoped to get away by the 20th or so after resting up a bit and getting organized. The car, a Swift, is near-new so shouldn't have much concern about mechanicals -- the condition of the roads on the route is another question of course. A Goan friend will be co-driving and we will make as quick a dash to Manali as is practical before making decision as to whether conditions suitable; we have 6-8 weeks available, so time not a problem. I'm hoping for a few more long road trips over the next few years so do not want to punish the car unduly on the first major trip. While I have enjoyed all the Ladakh photos on the site for the scenic wonders, my closest attention has been to the condition of the roads and traffic shown :D!

I have also picked up a lot of information from the various threads and trip reports. I am totally in awe of the enthusiasm and energy of the group which radiates from these reports and pretty well in every thread. No doubt, I'll soon have some questions -- perhaps it would be best to start my own thread to keep information in one place. I'll have a laptop along, so it will be fairly easy to access and save the valuable tips and information as well as stay in touch.

Very useful information .we are planning this july for leh by bike. Thanks yogesh