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Apoorv SHarma

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Guys !!
First post, and dont want to put in a lot of questions ;) And since so much info is already available, dont want to create yet another thread !

So, I am right now in a process to make an plan - from Delhi to Leh to Delhi.
Total Available Days - 2 weeks off + Sat/Sun = 15 days total.
Period - tentative right now, probably 11th June to 25th June ( hope by this time rains/loose slush would be no more ? )

You never know with the weather. But road conditions might be tough and water crossings might be a challenge. September is always the best time to go. But June is ok.

Day One - 11th June 4AM start
Delhi to Pathankot - 500kms
night stay @ Pathankot
(or maybe stretch to Jammu ? )

Yes you can, mostly plain terrain, good roads. Depends on how long you can drive.

Day Two - 12th June
Pathankot to Jammu - 110kms
Jammu to Srinagar - 300kms
night stay @ Srinagar

Day Three - 13th June
One day rest @ Srinagar

Day Four - 14th June
Srinagar to Sonmarg - 85kms
Sonmarg to Drass via Zozilla Pass - 60kms
Drass to Kargil - 60kms
Night stay @ Kargil

Day Five - 15th June
Kargil to Lamayuru - 110kms
Night stay@ Lamayuru

Can go directly to Leh(roads are really good, won't take much time)

Day Six - 16th June
Lamayuru to Leh - 125kms
Night stay @Leh

(Use this day for Nubra valley beyond Khardung La)

Day Seven (17th June) @Leh - Shanti Stupa, Leh Palace, Main Market, Polo Ground
Day Eight (18th June) @Leh - Leh – Phyang – Khardung La (40kms) - and back to leh

(add Nubra valley here)

Day Nine (19th June)@Leh - Leh – Karu(45kms,1 hour)
Karu - Shakti - Chang La (35kms/steepest climb)
Chang La - Tanksey (55kms) - have lunch here
Night stay @Tanksey

Day Ten - 20th June
Tanksey - Pangong (30kms) and back to Tanksey
Night stay @Tanksey

I hope you meant Tangtse. But I'd rather stay at Spangmik or beyond, as the lake view camping/ homestay opportunity is always more exciting.

Day Eleven - 21st June

Now when I am back at Tanksey, do I have to go back to Leh, and then onto Manali Highway ? What would be the route of returning ? I will have couple/three days to return back.

From Tangtse, go to Karu, take left for Upshi, from Upshi take right for Pang. There are few basic facilities at Pang for stay or you can choose to go till Sarchu for more comfortable options. No need to go back to Leh, do refuel at Karu as next petrol pump is at Tandi(365 Km away).

Also, please let me know if any stretch is not doable by Ciaz ?

If it is automatic transmission, I am not sure. If manual you are good. But its a good idea to get a metal sump guard if not there already.
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Robin Hood

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Thanks Apoorv !
I'll tweak my plan as per suggestions ...unfortunately the timings cant be changed - either it would be June this year - or would again postpone to next year :(

Ciaz is manual - diesel. I dont think it comes with a metal sump - most likely a plastic sheet which would shred to pieces on impact.

Any idea from where I can get this sump guard ?
And any need to get spacers etc installed to raise the ground clearance ?

Apoorv SHarma

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Spacers do help when you need just a little more GC for tough stretches. No clue about sump guard, try your service center guy or other good mechanic for advice.


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I see lot of info on Srinagar to Leh but I need some info on bus service from Leh back to Srinagar.
1. Wanted to know if there is bus service from Leh to Srinagar. Googled and got some info that there is a bus at 2PM. But how frequently and any other timings?
2. Will it stop at Kargil (overnight stay)?
3. At what time will it reach Srinagar (same or next day)? so that I can book flight accordingly.
4. Where is the boarding point at Leh?
5. How long is the journey by bus? (from Leh to Kargil and Kargil to Srinagar).
6. If there is a halt at Kargil, what time will the bus leave Kargil to Srinagar?

Yogesh Sarkar

1. It runs daily, there are also shared taxis and private buses.

2. Yes.

3. It will reach Srinagar next day i.e. if you're leaving Leh on Monday, it will reach Srinagar on Tuesday and your flight should preferably be on Thursday to have a buffer day in hand at Srinagar.

4. Bus depot at Leh.

5. Varies based on condition of Zoji La.

6. Once again that is dependent on the time of year you're traveling. If it is early in the season, then it might leave Kargil at around 2-3am, in order to cross Zoji La at scheduled time.


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Hi Yogesh,

Your site helped a lot to me & my family two years back, when we planned our first Delhi-Leh-Delhi trip. Now planning again this june & see many a things on this site have changed & many for Good (you look much younger now) - wish to know two things in particular -

1. Zozilla pass timings from Sonamarg to drass
2. I'm planning for Sunday to cross Zozilla - is it open/closs for maintenance.

Any different places if you an suggest besides Leh-Hunder/Pangong in/around Leh would also be much appreciated.



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I am traveling to Ladakh (with wife) next month starting on 9th July.
The itinerary so far considered is
9 - Del - Manali
10 - Manali - Pang
11 - Pang - Leh (via Tso Moriri) is it doable?
12 - Leh - Nubra via Khardung La
13 - Leh - Pangong Tso (night stay)
14 - Back to Leh and local sight seeing
15 - Leh - Srinagar
16 - Srinagar - Delhi

Is the itinerary alright?
Is srinagar to delhi doable in one day or should I add one more day in between
Suggestions invited.
Also need to know how to get permit/s? Will need for manali to leh & leh to khardung la?
Is manali to leh permit available online? I heard its only for upto Rohtang and back?
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I am traveling to ladhakh with my friend next month from 5th august to 20th august
I have planned the following Itinerary

Please suggest for the same

And I have following questions
Can we get all the permits online?
For hotels should we book in advance or we will get at the spot,
Thank you
Keep eye on news.
Plan B
go via Manali.
Get permit to cross Rohtang.

No need to book hotels. Just go and check in.

Get permit from Leh and acclamatize better.
Hotel / Agents arrange permits easily.