Ladakh--Unplanned Solo Bike Trip


Deepak Wanderer

Last year(2015) I visited ladakh with my friend in mid June.I liked the Land so much that I also wanted to go to Ladakh this year also.But this time I decided that I will visit ladakh in august or September and that too solo.
I took leave for 15 days from 16-8-16 to 30-8-16. I got my leave sanctioned on 14-8-16 and unfortunately on the same night I got very high fever.I took Dolo(paracitamol) but of no avail.Next morning my fever was 103-104 degree.I was very upset that I got leave with great difficulty and now I fell sick.
I ran to doctor.I told about my plans to visit Ladakh solo.He told me that blood tests would be of no avail as my fever was only 24 hours old.He told me that any infection needs time to be reflected in blood test.He suggested me that I should complete course of antibiotics for 7 days and take rest.
Now my dreams had been shattered.Now I had to take rest.In fact I was totally hopeless then.I started taking medicines as prescribed by doctor.After two days my fever was gone but I had to complete my course of antibiotics.While on the bed I had just one thing in my mind that it would have been more comfortable on my bike than on the bed.I thought about Lakes ,high passes and scenery of Ladakh all day and night.I took leaves for vacations now they were turned into medical leave!

Then a plan came to my mind that I can not visit ladakh now but I can visit nearby places in Himachal with my wife and 2 1/2 year old daughter. I discussed with my wife and then she suggested me that I should discuss it with my doctor. My doctor gave green signal to me with warning that I should not eat from road side dhabas and eat healthy too. Now I was happy that at least I was going somewhere in mountains . I just love mountains.

Bike was already serviced as there was plan to go to Ladakh.We packed our luggage.We started from Ludhiana at 7pm for Manali.
My wife and me were very happy.Now We three on the bike on the way to Manali. We took breakfast in Kirtpur Sahib and we took our lunch at Mandi.The road from Ludhiana to Manali was fantastic.
We reached Manali at 7pm. We had already booked hotel online from ludhiana.Hotl name was Tree Hill Cottages and Kanyal Villa .We checked in the hotel and I was surprised to see furnished room.and We took our bath and changed clothes.When we came out of the hotel it was complete dark.We went to the mall road and enjoyed there till 11pm.

Now some pics from Day 1



Breakfast Break at Kirtpur Sahib


Luch at Mandi


Hotel Tree Hill Cottages and Kanyal Villa


My Daughter in the room


Enjoying the Mall Road