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Ride start date: 1 - Sep 2017
Ride End date: 11 - Sep 2017
Start location - Gurgaon
End location - Gurgaon
No of Riders - 2
Rider 1 - Ashok on his TB350
Rider 2 - Me(neeraj) on Avenger220

It was Aug 2017 when we made plan with 5 friends and slowly slowly left with only two including me.
As usual did some research work on BCMT forum then map reading and had discussion with Masterji for the tips and trick for ladakh ride.
Tough part was to get the leaves approved and I had to write very emotional email to my manager in US and Ashok also used the same email.
Our initial plan was to start the ride on 25th Aug but due to below guy it got postponed, thanks to 'Baba Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan'
Due to the verdict his supporters tried to make chandigarh fireball and we decided to postpone it.

Next Monday when I went to office people were sarcastically asking - "hey bro , u cancelled the plan, not going"
एक हफ्ते मुँह छुपाना पड़ा
I had to reapply for the leaves and my US manager asked me what is BABA is who the hell is he? you can understand how much tough it was for me to tell him about BABA.

Well we planned to start on coming Friday(1 Sep), packing done, fitted 20watt external light to avenger and TB350.


We were all set to go.
On Friday 1 Sep there was no sign of rain to we started from Gurgaon at 8PM without knowing that adventure was waiting for us to be with us from Day1.

In no time we reach around Murthal and plan was to have some paratha.
Parked our bikes in front of Singh punjabi dhaba and within 5 minutes we faced heavy rain which lasted around 3 hours.
We didn't want to get vet on very first day so we decided to wait for some time, when rain stopped we started the bike.
In another 15 minutes when we crossed Murthan rain again started and this time hell lot of rain.
Rain water reached inside our shoe, so we wrapped some plastic and then socks and started riding again.
Non stop riding till Swarghat
At swarghat we had some breakfast and changed the socks again, putt some paper inside our shoe.
Due to continuous heavy rain speed was badly affected.
We took few short breaks and directly stopped at mandi for lunch.
After crossing Aut we faced road construction work and landslides which also delayed our plan.
Finally reached manali at 9PM, didn't inquired more but the first hotel we saw we rested there.


The trip meter reading was 561KM.


Now me and ashok decide that lets get good sleep and tomorrow if we feel cold or cough or fever then will enjoy manali and return - no ladakh
But राइडर्स मोटी चमड़ी के बने होते है में रे भाई
Next day morning we were all right no sign of cold nothing.
Ashok in pose:


So it was 3rd Sep, Morning 8AM we started our bike and reached Gulaba post in no time and then started riding for Rohtang pass.


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It was 3rd Sep - mounted action camera on my helmet and crossed the muddy and rough road on Rohtang,the ride was like hell for normal people but as a biker this was first off road glimpse of ladakh ride

After crossing ladakh we reached at Tandi and filled the tank first.
Then the roads after tandi was very smooth till Jispa.
Initially we search for hotel in Jispa but it was very costly so we decided to take rest in a tent which costed 300INR per person.
Don't remember the name of the property but it was near the river, fortunately we had few minutes left to take few shots before the sunset.







Lazy Lazy Lazy
but still came out of tent to capture moon in the night


After having some delicious pahadi food we called it a day.

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Great to learn your tricks on managing water logged boots on a rainy day. Interested to know more kind of practical tips from your travelogue. Keep going.=D>