Lahaul Spiti in a small car


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After lot of planning and meetings, we completed the Tribal Circuit of Himachal on a Skoda Fabia, Suzuki Dezire and a Pulsar 200 in the summer months of 2015. Here is a trip report/photo blog/experience from the trip.

Day 1 June 27, 2015 ( Delhi – Shimla – Narkanda ) 445 kms 12 hrs 30 mins.

Start: Dwarka Sector 22 at 5:10 AM

7:10 AM 120 km: Tea at Simran Dhaba

9:00 AM 250 km: L&T Toll

10:30 AM 305 km: Breakfast at Jawli

3:45 PM 396 km: Lunch ( noodles and bread omelet)10 km ahead of Kufri

End: Narkanda @ 5:45 PM 445 km

Highlights of Day 1:

Smooth travel from Delhi to Shimla and Shimla to Narkanda.

Traffic Jam in Shimla.

We are total 6 explorers ( Partha, Sudesh, Ankur , Siddharth, Niketh and Swapnil). First three in a Skoda Fabia, the next two in a Suzuki Desire and the last but not the least is a lone motorcycle rider. This is our first trip to Lahaul Spiti and we have heard lots of tales of roads ( read no roads ) of the beautiful part of India. Finally we decided to embark on the trip with cars not so suitable per experts for the region. Lets see whats in store.

We all met at the Mahipalpur HP gas station near T3. After a quick group shot we started the trip. Pretty much a boring journey in the hot days of June. The sad part of the trip was the traffic jam in Shimla which made us waste almost 2 hours.

After Kufri the traffic vanished and we cruised effortlessly to Narkanda. We stayed at Negi Guest House whose rooms boasts one the best views of the Himalayas.

An early morning tea at the Delhi – Chandigarh Highway.

Finally a stop for breakfast and time to give rest to the body in the hills.

A trip to hills is incomplete without the maggi


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Day 2 June 28, 2015 ( Narkanda – Rampur – Recong Peo – Kalpa ) 195 kms 10 hrs 30 mins

Start: Narkanda at 7:00am

8:15 AM 486 km: Satluj Banks

10:00am 534 km: Tea break at Jeori

10:45 AM 547 km: Kinnaur Dwar

11:30 AM 556 km: Tea break at Solding which is 53 km short of Recong Peo.

12:20 PM 571 km: Bad road starts from Wangtu bridge

12:45 PM 570 km: Tapri

2:00 PM 600 km: Karcham

2:12 PM 604 km: Karcham Dam

2:44 PM 615 km: Songtong Bridge

3:10 PM 626 km: Lunch at Rekong Peo

End: Kalpa @ 5:30 PM 640 km

Highlights of Day 2:

Bad roads from Wangtu Bridge to Recong Peo.

The detour of Urni will test your driving skills.

Awesome views from Kalpa and the road near Urni.

After a nice sleep in the hills of Narkanda, we woke up early to savor the sunrise from the balcony. After a quick tea at the bus stop, we embarked on the down hill drive amidst the cool breeze and silence of the pines around. Undoubtedly one of the best moments of the day was the awesome drive from Narkanda to Satluj below.

The road worsened after Wangtu bridge and the journey became a hell till all the way to Recong Peo. The detour from Tapri to Karcham was steep with loose stones and fast downhill cars. The drive took toll on us and we took an hour rest in Peo where we had lunch.

Finally when we reached Kalpa, we stayed at Hotel Golden Apple which is next to famous Kinner Villa with equal or even better views at half the cost. The food was good and the caretaker Mr. Roy was a pleasant person.

The views of Kinner Kailash Range and the sunset made the end a perfect one.

The sunrise from Narkanda.

The famous C Section of Kinnaur.

The busy streets of Recong Peo.

The snow and the sky from the hotel terrace at Kalpa.

This will get bigger and complete when we reach Losar in few days, making the night feel like a day.


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Day 3 June 29, 2015 ( Kalpa – Spellow – Pooh – Khab – Nako ) 115 kms 8 hrs 30 mins

Start: Kalpa at 7:30 AM

9:00 AM 659 km: Tapri

10:15 AM 670 km: Kharo Bridge

11:00 AM 684 km:Jhangi

12:00 PM 691km: Spillow

13:45 PM 715 km: Pooh

14:26 PM 727 km: Khab

15:00 PM 734km: Ka Jigs Top

End: Nako @ 5:00 PM 755 km

Highlights of Day 3:

Bad roads from Recong Peo to Khab (Sutlej/Spiti Confluence).

The changing landscape from green Kinnaur to brown Nako.

The beautiful Ka Zigs.

The confluence of Sutlej and Spiti.

We started from Kalpa early morning after a hot tea. Target was to get the car checked for some hits it took while reaching Kalpa. We drove to Rekong Peo and got the underbody checked and felt better. Then the rough ride started along “The Most Treacherous Road Of The World”.

Overall the rough will give goose bumps to every driver. We stopped at locations which were beautiful as well as scary. Finally we reached Jhangi where we decided to have early lunch at 11:00 AM. The weather was nice sunny and the cool breeze made the day.

The road was bad after this as well till few miles before Pooh where it turned into a metaled race track. But the smooth ride did not last long and we experienced bad roads again.

When we reached Khab Bridge, we took many pictures and were feeling happy since the road ahead to Nako was in good shape. We interacted with a taxi coming from Leh. The driver scared us saying it will be difficult for us to make through the road ahead in a small car. Its time we need to meet people who motivate rather than scare.

The switchbacks of the ride to Nako is breathtaking. We were taking pictures of the loop from the top when we found that a family riding a Honda City coming up. Immediately we recognized it as the family we met at the hotel in Kalpa who were note sure of going ahead. We spend lots of time in the spot taking pictures and then proceeded to Nako.

At Nako we took a room in a guest house next to the lake and also camped along the shores. Though it was getting overcast during the later half of the day, after dinner the sky cleared and we got some decent shots of the campsite along the lake. Thankfully we crossed some of the worst roads on the country with out the monsoon rains.

The sunrise reflections of Kinnaur Kailash from the room.

The bad roads along the Sutlej from Tapri.

Riding along NH-22

Finally some smooth roads along the river.

A photo stop.

You are travelling on the world’s most treacherous road.

Smooth butter roads near Pooh.

Sutlej leaves us and continues to Tibet.

Ka Zigs.

Rider and Photographers paradise.

Reaching Nako

Nako Village.

Nako Village.

Nako Lake

The Himalayas

Nako Village

The Campsite