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sundays in aizawl

I slept really peacefully last night.. It was cold during night but my blanket gave me ultra-comfort..It was Sunday morning in Aizawl.. and that was much special.. Studied a lot about Sundays in Mizoram time to witness ,,,Time to make call to Mimi (I had already informed her about my arrival in Aizawl last night),Gunin’s colleague in Aizawl..Nice lady infact whomever I met in Mizoram till then all were nice… Mimi made some plans for me..and we would be meeting at 11 AM.. then next I called RK and invited for breakfast.. Thank god my hotel’s kitchen was not closed on Sunday…RK was on the way and I in the mean time got ready… RK came on time and we started our breakfast.. I was clearly watching something not very comfortable on RKs face for the food which was Puri and sabji Bengali style…

empty streets of aizawl



i met those medicos

shy !!


aizawl view

more of mizos

RK narrated ‘When it comes to food, most Mizos travelling outside Mizoram for the first time find it very difficult to adjust to the Indian cuisine here. In Mizoram, we eat three times a day – Breakfast consists of rice, dal, boiled vegetables and meat, so yes, it is quite heavy compared to the breakfast we eat in the rest of India like dosas, puri bhajis, sandwiches, pohas, cereals etc. “Lunch” in Mizoram consists of just a tea break with light snacks like one plate/piece of momos, chow, paratha, alu chop etc. Dinner on the other hand, tends to be heavy again, which consists of the usual rice and other accompanying dishes. It takes time for a Mizo to get used to such a different routine. And don't forget about the timing too! Mizoram which lies on the east side of Bangladesh, follows IST, so sun rises at around 5 in the morning and sets around 5 in the evening, so the breakfast and dinner mentioned above takes place much earlier than when most other Indians have theirs. Even when it comes to the type of food served, rice is a staple diet in Mizoram, and many Mizos are not used to breads like roti, chapattis, naans etc. I know many Mizos who cannot consider a meal to be a meal if there is no rice! Fact. And we love our meat. Pork, beef and chicken are some of our favourite meats, and they are usually boiled with veggies together. We also love spicy food, but by spice, I’m talking about “chilly” spice. Most spicy Indian dishes are spicy because of the masalas and other spices. We Mizos on the other hand, use very little masalas in our dishes, and many Mizos cannot stand the aroma of oily masala-rich curry being prepared.’

I was loving more than anything when RK used to speak all about their root.. It was time for him to leave as he had to join his relative’s funeral..before leaving he clearly explained me how to reach the place which Mimi has mentioned… As I had 2 hours in hand decided to explore Sunday morning of Aizawl street…so came out from hotel.. and what I saw …empty street yes none was there…all shops closed..hardly any vehicle plying… I kept on walking on the narrow road.. few roadside temporary food stalls were there selling so many varieties of snacks..

People of all the ages were walking wearing colorful formal attires and that made me call Mimi again ..what should I wear ??? Her reply made me nervous ‘Best suit’ :eek: and I explained her that I am a tour and I was not having any formals and sadly all the shops were also closed .. but she relaxed me by saying wear something decent J

I came to my hotel room and got dressed in the best dress which I was having that moment :p

The four Major churches in Mizoram are




my ilp

street food vendor



Christianity in mizoram

I was witnessing the true Christianity in Lushai Hills.. The persons who first brought Christian religion among the Lushai people were J. H. Lorrian and F.W. Savidge. They came to the Lushai Land under the sponsorship of a rich merchant of Leeds, near London named, Arthington. This Mission came to be known as Arthington Aborigine Mission. The two missionaries set their first foot on the soil of Aizawl on. While Lorrian was locally known as Pu Buanga, Savidge was called Sap Upa by the Lushais. However, the first missionary who visited the Lushai Hills was William Williams. He was a young Presbyterian missionary working in the Khasi and Jiantia Hills. A native of New Quay (Dyfed) and a sailor for some years, he had a burning spirit of evangelism through Pengwern Jones who was a missionary on the Plains of Sylhet. It was stated that Pengwern took his friend Williams to the Sylhet gaol to visit some new prisoners. Williams eventually encountered several Lushai chiefs who had been recently captured and brought there. This probably generated a deep interest in him to work among the Lushais. Williams was about 32 years old at that time. The Lushai Hills was in a very tumultuous state in late 1890. Non-military visitors were denied entry into the Hills. But Williams was obstinate in his endeavour and waited for his chance of what could turn out to be a perilous journey. He eventually got his chance and started off from Shella. He arrived at Fort Aizawl on Friday, 20th March. Aizawl was at that time sparely occupied and thinly populated. Yet, there were several villages in the surrounding, some up to a thousand houses. Aizawl offered a good deal of market to these villages and people thronged into this administrative and military centre for procuring their daily needs. It was to these people that „apostolic messages‟ were spread by the early missionaries. Besides, there were a mixture of people like the Khasi, Jaintia, Naga, Mikir and Kuki at the District Capital. A number of Khasis living at Aizawl had become Christians for the faith had already bore a rich fruit in the Khasi and Jaintia Hills. For all these, Aizawl became a Mission centre in the Lushai Hills. After a four weeks visit, Williams left Aizawl on and arrived in Silchar.During his stay at Aizawl, he spent a lot of time among the Lushais and was deeply impressed. The Lushais in turn, began to like him. Williams fully prepared his mind to return back to the Lushais to work among them. But unfortunately, he passed away at the Mission Medical Centre, Mawphlang due to typhoid fever. This happened within a year after his visit to the Lushai Land. William was buried in Shillong.Gradually so many missionaries arrived in Mizoram on different span of times to spread Christianity .. The number of females became usually higher than that of males due to the higher number of female population in the region as per the census records. the Christian population in the Lushai District went on increasing every ten years with a high growth rate. From merely 45 Christians at the initial stage, it reached to 157, 575 persons soon after the British left the Country including 65, 711 males and 91, 864 females. As the number of Christian members grew, the number of denominations also rose. Churches increased by leaps and bounds and chapels were established in almost every villages and areas. By 1948, almost every existing denominational group had emerged and established itself in the Lushai Hills as a separate mission. The Christian Missions80 which worked or started working in the District and year of their formations as well as their area of influence at the time of Indian Independence . While the Presbyterian Church emerged as the dominant group for the entire Lushai Hills, the Baptist Mission asserted its dominion in the South Lushai Hills (Lunglei Sub-Division). But almost every denomination has spread across the entire District by establishing its offices and Churches here and there. Thus soon after the British left the Lushai Hills, there arose many more local congregations and missions within the District as a result of the swift rise in Christian population.

Lets witness Christianity I declared in my mind while coming to the main road in search of a vehicle to reach my destination and I got a taxi who was willing to take me to Mission Veng church.. and yes Mimi was waiting for me there…Greeted me with her amazing smile…and yes she was super friendly … It was a huge church .. she was showing me how the services are divided in 3 categories one for the elder folks one for youth and another for kids… Honestly I was so much confused what exactly was Service.. and she explained calmly from the very beginning .. In each locality there used to be atleast a church..and people used to register in churches accordingly.. and not only on Sundays but whenever they get time they used to participate in lot of activity such as social services,personality development,sports and ofcourse cultural stuffs. And Sundays used to be their gathering..

I was introduced to the performers who were Mimi’s friends and was waiting for their performances.. soon the entire hall was filled with young people and the hall was so colorful with their attire.. and music started everyone except me your singing with them.. and Mizo music..yes they are born for music..everyone loves to sing there..and soon my name was declared as special guest that was quite surprising for me… During Sundays gathering they used to discuss about all those activities also their future plans..Impressed totally.. by 3 PM we came out from the church and I was bit hungry so I was taken to the only 3 start hotel present there for evening snacks which was pork fried rice with chilly pork..yummy indeed..she only had just a cup of tea as their food habit is completely different.. I had to say her bye as RK was waiting for me with my booked ticket for next day .. Nice meeting you Mimi J and thanks for the contact for my next destination…

mission veng church

the hall


best dress



all singing

bible time

i am in my best designer tee from Mark and Spencer ;) middle one is Mimi



BRUs also have churches


Took a taxi to hotel both coming and going I was asked the double fare..No problem.. it was well expected .. Good to see you RK.. Honestly I was still struggling to make a good plan of my stay in Mizoram and I was cursing myself for that… RK had some plans for me in the evening and yes by 5 it was already evening.. we sat in my room and who the hell told Mizoram is/was a dry state :eek: yes we were sipping our whiskey in my balcony… with the company of the amazing views… Dinner I kept very simple from Bengali restaurant as I had to travel long distance next day…


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Plz Help Himabuj (Amit Tyagi) in Corona Fighting
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