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Morning Light
Reflected sunlight lighten up the Panchachuli Peaks early in the morning while the clouds drift away.

Most people only get a view of Panchachuli from the western side i.e. Munsyari/Kausani/Choukori and similar hill stations. The eastern side, i.e., Darma Valley is untouched territory mostly for hiking parties. Till recently there was no road and it required a multi day trek from Tawaghat to get there.

This picture is a 60sec exposure taken early in the morning when the valley was completely dark. The peaks had just started glowing up. The long exposure meant cloud moment which led to the glow lines above the peaks.

Technical details: Pen-F + 12-40mm | F/2.8 | 60s | ISO200
Date: Oct 19, 2019 | 0536

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After Rains
Lush green Someshwar Valley after a healthy monsoon.

On my ride to Spiti in Himanchal, I decided to cut through the interiors of Kumaon and Garhwal. Post monsoons the hills and the valleys of the mountains are lush green. The rivers are full of water enriching the land they flow through.

On the way to Kausani from Someshwar, the road follows the Kosi river and then crosses over to rise though the slopes to the hill station of Kausani. Most travellers are focused on getting to Kausani, eagerly awaiting the spectacle of Himalayan peaks. If some of them would pause at the slopes and look back, they would see this wonderful view of a river flowing though pristine green fields and lush green jungle.

Technical details: E-M10Mkii + 14-42mm | F/7.1 | 1/250s | ISO200
Date: Sep 03, 2017 | 1013

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The Trishul triads rise up above the jungles of Kumaon

The three peaks of Trishul are one of the most recognizable peaks in the Himalayas of Kumaon. Depending on where you look from, you either see all three adjacent to each other or the three peaks stacked on top of each other – like in the picture above.

This picture is taken on a trip I made 15 years back in the winter of 2006 with a friend. We drove from Nainital to Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary and then to Gwaldam to spend the night there at GMVN guest house. Driving down from Binsar towards Bageshwar, these peaks give company all the way down.

Technical details: Canon Rebel XTi + 70-300 mm | F/8 | 1/250s | ISO200
Date: Dec 14, 2006 | 1545

Link: Trishul