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Pine Trails

A narrow trail weaves through a cluster of pine tree somewhere in Uttarakhand.

The jungles of Uttarakhand are replete with Pine forests. The great thing about these Pine forests is that there is little under growth and its easy to wander around without struggling with the underbrush. I particularly love lying on my back in the grass and watch the sun filter though the leaves. The bad part is that the Pine trees do not let other vegetation grow below them. The Pine needles also hinder ground water recharge and more inflammable than other leaves.

This picture was taken on my bike ride to the Darma Valley to see the magnificent Panchachuli peaks. It was late morning and tired from riding all morning, I lay down in the sun ‘n shade looking up. Pretty soon I was asleep.

Technical details: Pen-F + 12-40mm | F/6.3 | 1/125s | ISO200
Date: Oct 16, 2019 | 1114

Darma Valley Travelog: Kumaon Wanderings : Darma Valley – Day 0 (Nainital to Didihat)


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Together in Snow

A couple walks together down a snowy path near the Perlan Museum in Reykjavik.

Winter in Iceland in fun as long as one can handle the cold. The white snow against the dark foliage or buildings put a picture of contrast which is makes for some interesting monochromes.

This picture was taken from the top of Perlan Museum when I was trying to create a panorama of the city of Reykjavik. Despite the cold, people were walking around with business as usual. Down below I noticed this couple walking up to the Perlan crunching snow under their boots.

Technical details: OM-5 + 12-40mm | F/5.6 | 1/500s | ISO200
Date: Jan 29, 2023 | 1301

Link: Together in Snow


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The Trident

The three peaks of Trishul light up with the morning rays of the sun as if a trident on fire.

The peaks of Trishul are a sight to behold early morning. One by one, in a matter or minutes, each of the peaks light up glowing as embers in the morning sun. I could sit there watching the spectacle unfold each morning without getting tired of it.

This is an old picture taken way back in Dec 2006. I was at Gwaldam, Uttarakhand and traveled on the previous day from Nainital to Binsar and then to Gwaldam via Bageshwar. Despite the bitter cold of the morning, I had stepped out of the GMVN guest house and walked to the edge of the town to a clearing which presented clear views of the Trishul peaks. Watching the peaks light up is a sight to behold and well worth the cold and walk was worth across town.

Technical details: Canon Rebel XTi + 70-300mm | F/6.3 | 1/200s | ISO800
Date: Dec 15, 2006 | 0700



A personal favorite of mine, taken at Kalaban, en route to Sach Pass.

Looks lovely, very nice picture, I wish I could see that view in person. Unfortunately, I'm not able to travel right now, but at least I can look at the beautiful photos and hope one day I will have the oportunity to see it myself.