Last Trip from Bhawanipatna to Godgoda and Gandahati Waterfall of Gajapati District

One year ago in 2016 at the last of our Engineering days we planned about our last trip to Gandahati waterfall of Gajapati district. We were the final year students and everything depend on us to arrange Techfest and Anuual function. The tech fest held on 18th and 19th March. After that we get 9 days gap for the Annual Day preparation. With in those days we planned for this trip. Since a lot of work was pending, our girls couldn't manage to be there. So we 30 guys booked three Boleros for that trip.

We planned to start on mid night through which we could reach there in the early morning. We start our journey around 12.30Am on 23rd March 2016.


Around 7.10 we reached at that spot named Gandahati Waterfall. Since we were new to that place, it took more time to reach. Here is the root map on google.

Map to Gandahati waterfall.jpg

Hello Everyone. Sorry for the late.
It's the most amazing thing when just reminding those old memories and trying to place in some blog. Some memories bring smile in face and some tears in eyes. This is the mixed one, I think. Last trip with those friend with whom I stayed continuously for 4 years must be the amazing memories.

Before our journey we checked about that place in internet, but when we reached there that place was totally changed. The park was under construction. There was very less water flowing through the waterfall. Some of our were upset with that. Here are the pics which I clicked at that time.


There was very few water due to summer and due to lack of rains. It gives the message to "Plant trees and save water for our future generation." Otherwise they needs the scientific formulas to generate water for their life.

There were some painted messages to the public which needs to repaint and the administration told us after the construction that places must be the wonderful place.

Some messages were also painted to save trees and save our environment.

Then I climb to the top of that waterfall which was not too high. There was some water stored like a pond and some pipes also connected for watering to some other work.

That place was really amazing and I love this photo when I saw this after the picnic.


For the top of the waterfall I just clicked another photo. The park was under construction and after some days that might be the fully prepared for the public.

Took another picture of the nearest mountain where a logo of Jesus was painted with a message of Happy New Year and Christmas. Then took some more pictures.

From this the messages for public painted one by one. I couldn't go inside, so I don't have the pictures.

After that we discussed with some nearby people and they suggested us to go Godgoda. That place was under Raghunathpur village of Gajapati district.
After the construction, Gandahati waterfall looks too awesome and those photos were posted by "Bhubaneswar Buzz" website. And here is that link where you can see the wonderful view of that waterfall.

After that, we planned to make our picnic party at Godgoda waterfall which is situated around 22 kilometers away from Gandahati waterfall. Till now there is nothing marks available in Google map. But we asked to the public near by those places for the root to Godgoda waterfall. And according to their suggestions, we go forward toward Godgoda waterfall.

* (Some days before I saw photographs in different social networking sites with the credit for others. So, I've designed a new logo with my name by concatenating with #MyPhotography Logo. And now on-wards I'm going to use that logo in my photographs.)

I've captured some photographs from the van on the way to Godgoda. Here I'm posting those photographs.

DSCN4698 copy.jpg

DSCN4699 copy.jpg

DSCN4700 copy.jpg

DSCN4701 copy.jpg

DSCN4702 copy.jpg

On the way, we stopped in a local market. There is a small village nearer to the hills. The local people used to sell some natural things like tadi, and some vegetables in that small market.
DSCN4703 copy.jpg

DSCN4704 copy.jpg

DSCN4705 copy.jpg

DSCN4706 copy.jpg

And here we reached at Godgoda. The spot is 1km away from that place.

DSCN4879 copy.jpg

DSCN4880 copy.jpg