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Thanks for your inputs @A[k] & @iamsomnath

I'm still trying to familiarize myself with the functions of LR, and have been watching tutorial videos occasionally. I processed 3 of these images again and have come up with the following results.
While clicking, I tried cutting out the buildings at the bottom left corner, but then that frame was capturing only half of the center object (temple), so I left it in the image.
Personally, in images #2 & #3, I'm still not happy with the haze/bluish tinge in the hills in the far end.

Old New
DSC_5221.jpg DSC_5221-1.jpg

Old New
DSC_5289.jpg DSC_5289-1.jpg

Old New
DSC_5323.jpg DSC_5323-1.jpg



Lightroom Users: Would you like to share your workflow with us?

I view and process all my photos in LR. Being a windows user I manage them through folder structure (named as <date>_<EventName>) . As number of pictures increases finding specific file becomes difficult in this approach.
I am planning to move to tagging and rating structure. I checked a few videos already. I want to know how real world users are implementing this?


Hi Ankur,
I use LR and have more than hundred thousand pictures in my library. From last two years my library has been expanding rapidly not because I shoot lots of stills but because of my Time lapse photography.
I use 3-4 cameras set-up when shooting time lapse and end up more than 1000 pictures per session. These are raw files which are usually redundant after they are processed and exported as JPEG and used it in time lapse. However, there could be some individual files among these which could be used for printing. Keeping this scenario in mind I'll explain my work flow in LR.
I import pictures in LR via card reader and use the preference of Year-Month-Day while ingesting and also apply my copy right details settings.
Once in the LR I assign key words and ratings. If I have time lapse I select those files and transfer them in a separate time lapse folder with appropriate name so that if I have to I can delete them easily. I'll also make duplicate of the files (not virtual but physical copy) of those still pictures I may need for printing or other use. These will not be in my Time lapse folder but different folder so as not to delete by accident.
As far as normal still photography is concern the yearly structure while importing works very well with me. In case if there is any assigned job I'll rename the folder appropriately after importing in LR. Mind you, I do all the moving, renaming inside the LR and not in Windows so that LR will keep the links intact.
And then I use the Collections feature a lot inside LR to segregate the pictures after rating them. I also use the Smart Collections.


How to remove wire etc unwanted subjects? Tried to do with Heal control but not been able to execute properly.
Only minimal level of healing/cloning is allowed in LR. so it depends on picture actually...
if wires occupy large part of frame, better edit in PS....