Learning to work in Lightroom


A relative of mine is visiting me. I went out sightseeing with them. I clicked all photos in RAW using nikon D750 (My mistake, should have switched to JPEG) . I do not have time to edit and process the images. Out of the camera RAW look flat with low contrast. All images are people photograph so not much editing is needed. All I want is small +/-exposure, + contrast/variance, +sharpening etc

1) What is the best way to process all images at once using a standard profile? If I am able to replicate Nikon's inbuilt RAW to JPEG, that should be enough for me. OR any other alternative?
2) I do not want to apply flat contrast/Exposure to all images as not all images need a similar level of editing.
3) Last resort will be to use Nikon own software/ try converting to JPEG in camera itself. But I want to use Lightroom as the first choice.
Download Nikons View NX or Capture NXD. They are free!
Open the raw files in any of these software. All the camera inbuilt setting will be applied to the raw images. Just export them as JPEG.