LED lights, finally affordable enough to replace CFL?


Plz Help Himabuj (Amit Tyagi) in Corona Fighting
Philips is still costly.
Other players are coming up with quality at good cost.


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Other players are coming up with quality at good cost.
How do you know about the quality?
For a buyer the only thing that matters is how long will the lamp work. A suitable guarantee is essential; else I will not waste my money.


Plz Help Himabuj (Amit Tyagi) in Corona Fighting
I am getting 2 years warranty on the LED Bulb.
And the company has no complaint in other LED products too,
that is "Sticking STRIP" on glass or any such surface.
And from where I am sourcing is,
also a reliable vendor from last more than 20 years.
He invests in good standard products only.

LED Bulb is of SAMSUNG and
circuit after that is of from a quality vendor.
The LEDs have good life
Circuit after that is not reliable enough.
If quality is maintained, it can be worth investing.

He also have chinese options with half price.
Just because to be competitive with market.
I am not going for that because
quality is sub standard in those Chinese products.

I am very keen on trying new products
and catch the band wagon earlier than others.

I have done similar thing in CFL in 1993.
I had started using CFLs.
People, then alsways ask what is this?
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I am getting 2 years warranty on the LED Bulb.
Is this warranty available for you or to everybody?
If it is for everybody then it makes sense to buy these LED lights. CFLs are coming with a one year guarantee. So, at double the price and efficiency it makes sense.
One thing that i like to know about these LED's .. I have bought one and it seems I am not able to study in LED light rather than CFL or normal Tube Light .. LED lights seems very Glary bright (Chamkila) .. which to eyes is not suited I think .. any pointers on it ??


Plz Help Himabuj (Amit Tyagi) in Corona Fighting
2 year warranty
is for everybody

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@ Abhinav
LED Bulbs come with diffuser glass.
These are bright but put them on ceiling.
You will get better light without directional glare.

LED Tubes are still costly but
You may get them in coming 5-6 months at good cost.
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Plz Help Himabuj (Amit Tyagi) in Corona Fighting

LED Bulb come with diffuser glass.
LED 1  250320142227.jpg

LED Bulb in 3 parts.
Aluminium Body with Plastic Base Holder
LED 2  250320142228.jpg

6 LEDs (SMD type) mounted on Round PCB.
PCB is based on Aluminium Metal pc used as Heat Sink.
LED 3  250320142229.jpg

AC to DC Circuit in Enclosure
LED 4  250320142230.jpg

Circuit is now out of Aluminium Body of LED Bulb
LED 5  250320142231.jpg

Base connected to Circuit in LED Bulb Body
LED 6  250320142232.jpg

These are Pic of LED Bulbs.
These bulbs are getting quite cheaper.
Just double the cost of CFL.
I got 2 year warranty.
But now these are getting cheaper, 1 year warranty is offered now.

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Mediocre me
I have put a set of 16 LED of 1Watt Each on number plate of my pulsar. It is like a DRL. Since I did the soldering etc myself, it is really ugly to look at. But It was my first experiment.
Will bring it in the next meet.


How is the lighting in general with LED lights.

I mean the amount of light we perceive around us, I usually did not feel comfortable with CFL compared to a traditional Tube Light, and multiple CFLs negated the idea altogether.

Recently on way back from trip to my sisters place near Lonavala, I saw quite a few number of overbridges on NH8 were illuminated with LED lamps instead of Sodium Vapour lamps, the lighting was soothing be spoty not in a big areas like Sodium lamps, could be due to shape / reflector of assembly but I felt lighting was less.