Leh - A dream which is dream



It was 2007 or 2008 i don't remember clearly, when i saw pic of Pang-ong lake somewhere on internet. I search about it and feel overwhelmed to know that it is in India and i don't know about it. That was the time when i have no idea about LEH-LADAKH, SPITI etc. Only thing i know is that after manali only rohtang is there nothing beyond that lollzzzzz...

Somehow i landed on BCM-touring and i become more curious about these remotest regions in northern Himalyas. earlier i thought it is mostly foreigners who travel on expensive bikes to these mountains and never had any idea about Indian Motorbike Travellers Community.

4 years fast forward, It was 2012 and i saw an tv commercial of Bajaj Avenger " FEEL LIKE GOD" and boyyyyy at that exact moment this bug bike me and gave me travel poison for lifetime. I don't remember how many times i have seen that ad with avenger going through leh region and that music.. lolllzzzz

Later, I bought Avenger in 2012 end. But it was 2013 and it is almost 5-6 years since i am dreaming about going on a bike trip to Leh (earlier i thought it is only single place) and i am still not able to travel there.

So first bike happened in 2014 but not for LEH, i rode til rishikesh lolllzzzzzzzzz...

Year 2017 September, i finally got a chance to travel leh but ended up completing Delhi - Shimla - kaza - Manali - Delhi circuit... lolllzzzzzz

Year 2018 - still dreaminggg.....

Year 2019 September - Finally the day came and we plannned a trip to leh from manali and started on prefixed date. crossed rohtang succesfully then God changed out plans lolllzzzz. I will update in detail later for now enjoy this tease video..

<iframe width="640" height="360" src="
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I am writing this travelogue after 2 years of absence, apologise for the disappearance due to work and personal commitments. More details are coming soon.........
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