Leh Bike Trip in July 2016

Kunal Pandya

New Member
Hello all,
I am Kunal from Rajkot, Gujarat.
I am planning for bike trip from Jammu to Leh to Manali It might looks too early but it requires proper preparation to do a bike trip on the highest motorable roads on the planet.

The basic route layout is: Jammu-Shrinagar - Kargil - Batalik - Leh - Pangong Lake (night halt) - Rohtang -Manali
Trip duration (approx): 1 July to 25th July (25 days)
It will be an easy going trip with lot of halts and stays in between and at Leh.

I have my own bike Avenger 220 which i will transport by train to Jammu to start the trip. On the end part, at Manali, i dont have any arrangements decided yet on how and where i will led it to nearest train station for return journey to Rajkot.

I am looking for company if anyone is interested. I am doing this trip first time so would like to have someone who has previous experience or first timer like me with lot of enthusiasm and positive approach.

The right of selection of co-riders will be reserved with me.


Kunal Pandya

New Member
Dear Friends,
Here is my detailed trip plan.
I want suggestions for:
  • Fuel availability between Leh to Manali stretch
  • Possibility of own tent pitching at various places mentioned
  • Permit related suggestions
  • Any other route related suggestion


Munish gaur

New Member
I am also planning a similar trip on bike. I have BAJAJ NS 200 . But the duration seems to be little bit long. I am planning for 15 days. I am from Delhi


I want suggestions for:
  • Fuel availability between Leh to Manali stretch
Only Tandi is last Fuel Station after leh.
You can get open fuel (adulterated) in black at some villages in Ladakh.
  • Possibility of own tent pitching at various places mentioned
Anywhere you like in Ladakh .
Just ask locals about this and they will be quite helpful.
  • Permit related suggestions
Get permit from Kargil for Dah.
At Leh get permit for Hanle side.
  • Any other route related suggestion
Go via Srinagar and return via Leh-Manali.


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