Leh : July End

Hi everyone,

Last year i was finally able to visit Leh, thanks to all the help that i got from the BCM family. Though it was a very fast paced trip wherein i covered Del-Srinagar-Leh-Nubra-Pangong-Karu-Manali- Del in nine days but it was still a memorable one. Awed and inspired by the beauty of the place I am taking my parents along this time around and just to spare them of any trouble of Jammu Srinagar highway and Leh Manali route, we are going by flight.

We are taking a cab from Srinagar to Leh, so as to visit Sonamarg and Kargil enroute, didnt wanted miss Kargil war memorial (the feeling is altogether different there).
Just wanted to check with my fellow BCMTians regarding route status of Agham Shayok and camps around Pangong. As per the information received from few travel agencies the Camps from Pangong have been shifted and only few of them are operating that too illegally.

Also, if YS can update on any special care to be taken as I am taking my parents along this time.

Thanks in advance.

Yogesh Sarkar

Agham-Shyok route is fine as of now. However, make sure to check its status, before proceeding from Nubra.

Illegal camps have been removed. However, legal camps are running as usual, though a little further from the lake. You should be able to find accommodation at Spangmik, Man and Merak.

Since you are traveling with your parents, make sure to take it easy. Rent an oxygen cylinder from Leh with enough oxygen for at least 30 mins or so. Additionally, if they have prior medical condition, check with their doctor first and see if they have any issue taking diamox etc. with their medication or medical condition. Also make sure to carry their prescription with you, so that in case there is any medical emergency, doctor can be updated about their medical history.
Thanks Yogesh, have kept the travel plan quite relaxed, however your suggestion will be appreciated and taken into account. I am listing the itinerary below:

Day 1: Land in Srinagar (Local sightseeing)
Day 2: Srinagar to Kargil (Enroute stop at Sonamarg and Drass war memorial)
Day 3: Kargil to Alchi (Enroute stop at Mulbek and Lamaryu)
Day 4: Alchi to Leh ( Shanti stupa in evening)
Day 5: Leh to Hundar
Day 6: Hundar-Turtuk-Hundar
Day 7: Hundar to Pangong
Day 8: Pangong to Leh (enroute visit Shey Thiksey)
Day 9: Flight back to delhi

My parents have hypertension and ortho issue (But all well controlled with regular medication) Will see a doctor for taking Diamox (Will it be required).


Yogesh Sarkar

Your plan seems fine.

Diamox isn't necessary. However, at times it can be needed and doctors in Leh might prescribe it, if AMS gets somewhat serious. Hence it is best to check if it conflicts with health condition or the medication they are currently on.