Leh Ladakh trip June 10 2017 couple

Naveen Gift

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Greetings all !

Glad to have found this awesome helpful forum.
I would be thankful if I could get help on our bike trip for June 10th 2017

We are a couple. We will parcel our bike Yamaha Enticer from Hubli to Chandigarh by train. Then start our bike trip from Chandigarh on 10th June 2017
We plan to reach Manali by evening if possible. So we will begin our Manali-Leh bike trip on 12th June.
We are carrying every possible thing with us and we want to do self camping in our tents.
Only in Manali we want to stay in a hotel. Rest all places we want to self camp.
Also we want to reach Leh from Manali in 3 days if possible or you can suggest.
Now we need a detailed itinerary for our trip from Manali to Leh with the following information:
1. What time should we start on 12th June
2. What should be our average speed
3. When and by what time should we reach each place on our route?
4. What all permits and docs are required for us and where should we get them?
5. What are all the self camping places along our route including Leh?
6. We have a 8 month old German Shepherd and we take it with us everytime we trip since it was 3 months old. So can we take her on this trip too?

Awaiting an answer!


Yogesh Sarkar

How old is your Enticer?

As per NGT ruling, you cannot cross Rohtang from Manali side, if your vehicle is 10 years or older.

Naveen Gift

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Hi Yogesh!

Enticer Registration year is 2003.
I read at many places that for bikes it is 15 years but still confused.
Could you please find out and tell me the exact policy and if it is possible for my bike?


Yogesh Sarkar

It is 10 years in case of Rohtang. To be on the safer side, it would be best to either take the Spiti or Sach Pass route to Ladakh (both won't open by then), or go via Srinagar. There is no restriction while coming back from Ladakh. Alternatively, you can try your luck, once the permit system opens or check with the SDM Office in Manali over the phone.

How many days do you have for this trip?

Naveen Gift

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Thanks for your quick reply.

This is our original plan:
June 10th : Leave Chandigarh by 10am
Reach Manali
Overnight stay

Manali permit issue and local sight seeing.
Overnight stay

Leave Manali by 5am
Night stay in SELF TENT near Jispa or anywhere you suggest

Leave by 6am
Night stay in SELF TENT at next stop

Leave by 6am and reach Leh
Take inline permit for pangong tso
overnight stay at hotel, tent in LEH or pangong tso if we can camp there

Local sightseeing and stay

leave Leh 5am
reach first stop and overnight stay in SELF TENT

leave at 6am
Reach next stop and overnight stay SELF TENT

Leave at 6am
Reach Manali by Evening and check in to hotel

Leave Manali and reach Chandigarh

This is our plan now.
Please suggest any changes, ideas or alterations and any alternate route except srinagar route.


Yogesh Sarkar

So you're just planning to touch Leh and come back?

You would be better off taking a flight one way (whichever turns out to be cheaper) and hiring motorcycles in Leh and using taxi/bus for Manali - Leh journey.

Naveen Gift

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14th and 15th is for Leh and pangong tso only.
And the whole point of this journey is to go on bike as we have been doing since 8 years.
Please suggest some way to :
1. Get a permit in 'some way' through agents or someone else?
2. An alternate route to avoid permit except srinagar